End of the School Year Countdown Bulletin Board

As the end of the school year approaches, a fun way to review counting and calendar skills while providing some much-needed motivation is to enjoy a class end of the school year countdown as a fun, interactive bulletin board!

End of the School Year Countdown Freebie

We have a free download for you with 52 fun activities to make the end of the school year special for you and your students. 

Poppin’ Our Way to the Last Day!

The free download includes the Bulletin Board Letters, and the Alphabet Letters, Numbers to 26, and 52 countdown day ideas! You can use this in any way that works best for your end-of-the-school-year plans.

Create a class bulletin board or calendar with theme days based on the alphabet, school mascot, grade level, or any other fun ideas you can dream up!

*You don’t need to use balloons if they aren’t a good fit for you or your students. You can use plastic Solo cups with tissue paper and then “punch” each cup for the day’s activity. Or use them however you wish!

End of the school year countdown freebie bulletin board download


  • Title for Bulletin Board: Poppin’ Our Way to the Last Day
  • Letters A-Z
  • Numbers 1-26
  • 52 different notes of treats/activities/special things to do with the class

The images below were from a reel posted on my IG. I chose to roll the reward paper strips around a pencil and then I fed that into the balloon before I blew it up. It was quick and easy.

We hope you love this freebie and that it makes the end of the school year special

Below we have resources to help fill up the LONG days with review, academics, fun, and those important end of the year memories.

end of the school year countdown

Summer Skill Review Available K-3

We love to send home Summer Skill Review with students and last year we created these summer-themed booklets for grades K-3. Each book has 40 math and literacy half sheets. To read more about them click the image below. To go directly to the resources for download, the links are below.

Summer Skill Review activity book with math and literacy skills grades Kinder, first, second, and third
Editable and Customizable Awards

We know this time of year we are tapped out with creativity from providing academic excellence all year. We’ve got your end of the year awards and gifts (if you like to do that) ready for you! Click the images to see more information on each item, or jump down to the direct links.

candy awards, editable customize able award certificates put with candy

Editable Candy Awards End of Year Awards

End of year gift tags with little dollar store toys and cute tags for giving to teachers and students

 End of Year Gift Tags

end of year awards

End of the Year Awards Customizable and Editable

a grouping of end of the school year activities for students with puzzles, games, digital slides, math write the room and awards

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