10 Math Review Resources

The last quarter of the school year is when teachers students can begin to lose motivation or engagement.  At the same time, this part of the school year is when students possess the most skills knowledge, and math maturity. For both those reasons, it’s the perfect time to implement fun ways to review the year’s content. In this post, we will share 10 math review resources.  These 10 math review resources focus on standards review while creating a fun format for students to review in many modalities.


Headband Math is a guessing game for review of math skills.  Students ask and answer questions on 16 different math skill sets as they try to figure out which skill or item they are wearing before the other player(s).  Students ask yes or no questions such as, “Am I greater than 12?”  “Are my sides and vertices the same number?” This game has been highly rated for being socially safe and a fun review at the same time.


headband math


Brain Train Math is a dominoes style review game.  Students work to connect cards showing the same concept in order to use all of their cards.  Brain Train is available in grades K-5 and each grade level has 10 different Brain Train Games with 30 skills cards each.  These games have over 500 reviews boasting as terrific spiraled review, instant math discussion starters, fast finishers, and a student favorite activity.

brain train math brain train mathbrain train math


Math the Room allows students to get up and around the classroom as they search for math tasks.  There are 20 different Math the Room sets with 18 math questions and recording sheets per set (available K-3). Students walk the room with a clipboard and recording sheet.  As they come to a Math the Room card, they work out the problem and record it on their recording sheet.  This continues until all cards have been found and solved.  Typically, one Math the Room set is up per week in my classroom.  This provides 20 weeks of math fun with important skills review!

10 Math Review Resources


Math-Tac-Toe is a studious approach to skills review with fun math game grids for students to complete.  This resource is created for K-2 complete with 27 different Math-Tac-Toe boards.  Use digitally as a whole group warm-up, homework fun, fast finishers, or as its own workstation!  Students can solve to get three in a row, or you can have them work on a blackout for the entire board.  The boards cover all nine math strands for K-2 differentiation.

math-tac-toe Math-Tac-Toe 10 Math Review Resources


Mix and Match Math is affectionately called “Mingle” in my classroom.  Used as a warm-up, students take a card and mingle around the room to find their math match!  We then share out why our two math cards are a pair.  Simple, fun, and an effective math talk warm-up.  With these 24 sets of Mix and Match Math cards, you can have students reviewing skills over and over again! This is also a fun K-2 pocket chart station/center or fast finisher task too.

Mix and Match Math 10 Math Review Resources


Math puzzles are a wonderful review resource.  Grade levels K-5 each have 26 different math puzzles to keep students reviewing for weeks!  The self-checking format provides the scaffolding for students who need to know they are on track.  Math puzzles are students’ favorite math review resource for workstations and fast finisher activities. 10 math review resources math puzzles


For a little traditional skills review, I am sharing this resource, Standard Practice.  This one is for those times when a little paper pencil work is just the right dose of skill review.  One of my workstations is always an independent practice task.  I lovingly call it the “application station,” but call it what you will, it’s for abstract skills practice.  This resource is LOADED with skills for just that purpose.  There are four Standards Practice Sets each with 50 skill pages each!  Here’s a look at addition and subtraction to 20.  This resource is targeted for first grade.

addition and subtraction to 20. Standard practice with strategies.


Digital Math Warm-Ups are meant to provide spiraled review skills practice every day of the school year.  They make reviewing as easy as a click of a mouse.  It is every math skill in multiple ways with over 200 slides!  Digital Math Warm-ups are available for K-5.  Each grade level also uses days of the week alliteration for a little added engagement!  Here’s an example of some first-grade level digital math warm-ups for Wednesday.  To see the full blog post on these, you can click the picture below.

digital math warm-ups 10 math review resources


Let’s be real.  The last quarter of the year the idea of prepping new workstations isn’t top of the list and the parent volunteers are few and far between.  No problem!  Write and Wipe Math to the rescue!  Provide exciting math skill practice with write and wipe sleeves and markers.  The lowest prep of all of the stations I offer.  Another highly rated review resource boasting of socially safe centers, simple prep, fun for students, and great standards practice!write and wipe math 10 math review resources

10. Digital End of Year Review and Cumulative Assessments

This is the big mama of all of the reviews for K-4.  This review resource is the digital end-of-year review slides to put up in front of the class and allow them to work it out on the board, on whiteboards, or in a journal.  Then as a class, we can discuss their strategies, how they went about solving, and the correct answer.  The digital slides prepare students to take the included cumulative end-of-year assessment.  Hundreds of reviews share a love of the simplicity of the paperless review paired with a comprehensive assessment.

end of year review 10 math review resources


Pairing a big love of puns and cute clipart, I have some end-of-year awards that might make your day!  These editable end-of-year awards are a terrific addition to your academic ceremonies and sweet goodbyes.

end of year solutions

Speaking of last days… Here’s a post all about our last day of school fun.  Hopefully, there’s a fun and free idea or two you can use to make that end of the year even sweeter!

our last day in pictures



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