In today’s classrooms, the instructional needs and developmental levels of our students are highly varied, and the conventional math whole-group model has its downsides. In contrast to the rigid, one-size-fits-all approach of traditional whole-group instruction, guided math allows us to structure our math block to support all developmental and ability levels of student learning. Guided Math AMPED goes beyond just reorganizing your math block; it also gives you an opportunity to approach math instruction with a renewed sense of perspective and purpose.

While the traditional whole group math model has some benefits, it doesn’t always address the varied levels of math understanding and abilities in today’s classrooms. 

Students deserve more, and educators certainly need more options!

Guided Math AMPED explores flexible math practices that help educators find improved methods to serve their students better with student-centered math instruction.

Research With a Personal Touch

Drawing on two decades of experience, Reagan Tunstall shares step-by-step best practices to help educators revolutionize their math blocks with a student-centered math instruction approach. 

Whether you’re a new teacher who’s curious about guided math or a veteran educator looking to hone your methodology, Guided Math AMPED will transform your math block into an exciting and engaging encounter that encourages your students to see themselves as genuine mathematicians.

Free Book Study for Individuals or Staff

Step-by-step explanations ensure that you can reimagine your math block effectively. In practice, you’ll find that enthusiasm fills both sides of the classroom, exciting teachers and students. 

Whether you choose to read Guided Math AMPED poolside in the Summer, or as a PLC Book Study with your team or staff, grab the free book study!

Engaging Young Minds

Regain a love of your math block through these five simple steps to broaden your approach with customizable math instruction. Guided Math AMPED will become one of your primary elementary math resources.

Take control and refocus your math instruction today. Guided Math AMPED is the book to give you the jump start you need for student-centered math instruction.

Meet Reagan & Kristina

Placed across the hall from each other in 2009, Reagan and Kristina found that their differences in both personality and teaching style were a perfect combination to sharpen and inspire growth through a lasting friendship inside and outside the classroom.

Fourteen years later, with hundreds of professional development sessions provided together and over 300,000 five-star reviews from educators, they continue to inspire colleagues around the country.


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