Summer Math and Literacy Workstations

Summer Math and Literacy Workstations

This post is all about Summer math and literacy workstations for kinderfirst, and second grade.  Having a well-rounded assortment of activities gives you the confidence that your standards are covered.  The key is consistency with a heaping serving of novelty!  These workstations are Summer-themed so you can pull students in with the fun theme.

summer themed math centers


The goal of independent hands-on activities is to allow students to practice and apply what they already know.  We all know that our students need repetitive practice to become confident and fluent with math and reading concepts, but sometimes we get caught in keeping students busy.  These stations are purposeful and appropriate so you can rest assured.  Students tackle more difficult concepts because they see it as less daunting.

Summer math and literacy workstations

Because each class is different, having a variety of different skills and activities to pull from makes life much easier.  This post shows pictures from all three different grade levels of Summer math and literacy.  Click the grade levels below and at the end of this post to read more about that specific grade level.


First Grade

Second Grade


Some ways to add novelty to Summer centers are to use non-standard items for manipulatives.  This encourages students to take the extra step to self-monitor.  Another benefit of manipulatives is to keep students in concrete learning.  Some favorite Summer manipulatives are seasonal mini-erasers like suns, fish, and flowers.  I also like to use summer items like popsicle sticks, small shells, mini-marshmallows (camping theme), and bug manipulatives.  Then I add a mixture of the colors of the season like rainbow tiles, bright snap cubes, and anything that goes along with the colors of the station activities!


For easy alignment, each grade level set of math and literacy workstations has TEKS and Common Core listed for each activity.  There are a total of 24 workstations in each grade level, enough for the entire season of centers and bonus, they cover a variety of skills.  The Summer set is one of four sets in the seasonal bundle (fall, winter, spring, and now summer).


You can find these workstations by grade level and season by clicking the grade levels below.  The bundle of all four seasons will give you the biggest discount on scoring almost 100 amazing workstations for both math and ELA for the entire year.


First Grade

Second Grade

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