Both adults and children confess to struggling in the area of math. Over 50% of adults admit that math is a cause of anxiety. Teachers are no different. Likewise, educators who are new to a grade level or math subject area, while simultaneously being expected to be the content expert for their students, can experience that same frustration and anxiety.  Teachers and their students benefit from a rich knowledge bank of research-based instructional strategies.

We’d love to help you create a math block with effective mathematical practices to help all students succeed.

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Professional Development Mathematics Workshop for Teachers

Kristina and Reagan began providing professional development workshops out of their passion for math and education. The professional development focuses on K-5 math and teaches a how-to approach built from research-based instructional strategies.

Kristina and Reagan have been providing math workshops since 2013, constantly refining the topics based on new math research both instructional and for the student acquisition of math content. Each workshop is tailored to fit the details of the school or district.

Add that with the nearly 40 years of combined classroom teaching and professional development experience, and you get a math workshop built to mentor educators through today’s unique teaching challenges to get the best for their students.

In-Person Workshops

Our mathematics workshops for teachers are tailored to fit your focus. We offer half-day and full-day options, where we come to you to build up teaching professionals and hone math education techniques.

The topics covered in the workshop provide a total perspective for reimagining math instruction and designing effective blocks:

  • Math Block Design and Framework
  • Math Instruction and Research-Based Practices
  • Standards-Based Lesson Planning
  • Differentiation, Interventions, and Assessment of Small Groups
  • Management, Behavior, and Routines
  • Workstation Management and Choices
  • Math with Technology
  • Reflection and Growth

Zoom Sessions

When in-person workshops don’t fit your needs, Zoom sessions bring the learning right to your computer. Full workshops are available via Zoom, giving your educators access to research-based instructional strategies for K-5 math professional development.

Schedule Your Workshop

If you have inquiries or want to schedule a mathematics workshop for your teachers, email us at [email protected]. We’ll happily answer your questions and start you on the road to enhanced K-5 math learning.

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Meet Reagan & Kristina

Placed across the hall from each other in 2009, Reagan and Kristina found that their differences in both personality and teaching style were a perfect combination to sharpen and inspire growth through a lasting friendship inside and outside the classroom.

Fourteen years later, with hundreds of professional development sessions provided together and over 300,000 five-star reviews from educators, they continue to inspire colleagues around the country.


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