Reagan Tunstall and Kristina Grant

Meet Reagan Tunstall and Kristina Grant, the passionate individuals behind Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits.

Reagan Tunstall


Reagan has over two decades of classroom teaching. She has a passion for teaching in a way that reaches every child in the room. From that passion, she strives to develop a community of math thinkers who constantly improve education in proven ways that don’t defy standards.

With more than ten years of school and district training experience implementing standards through effective math practices. She has also authored over 1,500 teaching resources, primarily catering to K-5 math.

She is an educational consultant, speaker, curriculum writer, and professional development expert.

Kristina Grant

Kristina Grant

Kristina Grant is an enthusiastic educator with a Master’s in education (M.Ed.) and 16 years’ experience. Kristina has a passion for creating a constructive learning culture. Her classroom management methods paired with her curriculum-conscious techniques allow her students to flourish socially, emotionally, and academically. Her research has been published in the educational journal Kappa Delta Pi Record. She shares her ideas of combining math and SEL with teachers as a national presenter. Kristina develops and designs curriculum and classroom resources for teachers to use to create a caring classroom climate while also adhering to the standards.

Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits

As a pair, Reagan and Kristina aim to revitalize teachers, combining their passion for math and education with decades of experience and research. They can help you build a classroom that helps teachers find ways to thrive through evidence-based methodologies for math instruction. Whether through workshops or classroom resources, you can find materials that help you keep students engaged.

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Meet Reagan & Kristina

Placed across the hall from each other in 2009, Reagan and Kristina found that their differences in both personality and teaching style were a perfect combination to sharpen and inspire growth through a lasting friendship inside and outside the classroom.

Fourteen years later, with hundreds of professional development sessions provided together and over 300,000 five-star reviews from educators, they continue to inspire colleagues around the country.