Looking for a Leprechaun!

A few years ago I created a fun little leprechaun hunt to mimic what we would do each year in our classroom.  It was in desperate need of a makeover!  It’s just in the nick of time but thankfully this little packet has had a BIG face-lift!  If you own it, you can go to your purchases page on tpt and download this little packet again to get the updated version!  If you don’t own it, but you want to, you can find it here!  Let’s take a peek at what it is all about!



There’s not any set way to do this in your room, but what was taught to me my first year (1997) by two very special ladies, Marlene and Ellen,  was to put little green paper footprints around the room and a dash of green glitter.  The foot prints would run around the walls and desks and end at a clover!  The clover would reveal the location of a pot of “gold” for the students to enjoy.  (treasures and trinkets) Over the years, I modified the activity to include an activity book and a longer hunt.  After finding the first clover, we would search for clovers in number order to 10 around the school with an activity book in hand.


Choose to write clues on the back leading you to the next clover or just search for the correct number order. Either way works great!


With pencils and booklets in hand, we would stop and complete a page each time we found a clover.  The office staff loved when we shuffled through and threw ourselves down on the carpet to complete a page right there!  I’m not being sarcastic!  They thought we were the cutest little crew.




To culminate our fun day, we would make our own leprechaun.  We never seem to catch him no matter how hard we try each year.  Marlene and Ellen taught me the beard curl technique and I will NEVER get over how cute and 3D it makes us. Hang these little guys from fishing line all around your ceiling and then pass out from cuteness.




If you need this in your life you can grab it here!  If you already have it, please get your updated copy!


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