Editable Candy Awards

Use these editable candy awards for students, teachers, teammates, and administration celebrations. In fact, pair each award with the candy to make it extra sweet!

To use the candy awards, you can type the recipient’s name and any other info you want to include, such as your name, school name, grade level, etc. Customize the award to fit the occasion, finding an easy way to show someone appreciation.


When it comes to the end of the school year, it’s chaos at best. Therefore, these candy awards are meant to help make award-giving simple, inexpensive, and sweet!

To begin, we packed in 60 different candy awards so every personality could be awarded and adored. In addition, we also included a form to use for assigning the candy awards so you can easily keep it all straight. Use these for anyone. For example, students, teammates, staff, family, or church groups! Everyone loves a sweet treat and a kind word.

We built the list with the end of the school year in mind, but candy awards work great for just about any occasion where you want to express gratitude.


  • Snickers- for making everyone laugh
  • Milky way- for having quality work that is out of this world
  • Dove- for being a peacemaker
  • Mr. Goodbar- for being a good friend
  • Crackle- for keeping the class laughing
  • Kit Kat- for being a teacher helper
  • M&Ms- for being marvelous and magnificent
  • Three Musketeers- for working well with others
  • Twix- no tricks, you are the best
  • Payday- for always doing good deeds
  • Butterfinger- for being easy-going
  • Skor- for always working towards high scores
  • 100 Grand- for always doing grand work
  • Symphony- for being so musical
  • Almond Joy- you are a joy to be around
  • Mounds- for the mounds of good work
  • Nutrageous- for having outrageous ideas
  • Crunch- for coming through in a crunch
  • Hershey’s- you are so app’hershey’ated
  • Heath bar- for sticking with things even when they are tough
  • Baby Ruth- for knocking out your assignments
  • Whoppers- for telling the best stories
  • Reese’s Pieces- for loving everyone you meet to pieces
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup- for always seeing the glass half full
  • Rolos- for rolling with the punches
  • Bit-o-Honey- for being sweet as honey
  • Hugs and Kisses- for being sweet and caring
  • Junior Mints- for being so cool
  • Tootsie Roll- you play an important roll in our classroom
  • Nerds- you always keeping up with our technology
  • Spree- for always finishing your work on time
  • Lifesavers- for lending a hand to help others
  • Sweet Tarts- for being a sweet friend
  • Laffy Taffy- for having the most fun while learning
  • Starburst- for being a star student
  • Jolly Rancher- for always being so happy and cheerful
  • Gobstoppers- for having gobs of wonderful ideas
  • Twizzlers- for the extra flair you put into your work
  • Fun Dip- for having a fun-loving attitude
  • Bubble Yum- for your bubbly personality
  • Gummy Bear- for being kind and caring
  • Gummy Worm- for really digging learning
  • Skittles- for being so colorful in all you do
  • sSmarties- for being so smart in ____
  • Pop Rocks- for being a great scientist
  • Jelly bean- for always ‘bean’ your true self
  • Ring Pop- for being a gem this year
  • Sour Patch Kids- for helping others out of a sour patch
  • Runts- for doing a’peel’ing work
  • Dots- for doing impeccable work and always dotting every i
  • Lollipop- for making learning fun
  • Now and Later- for being in our class now and forever being a part of my heart later
  • Mentos- for having fresh new ideas
  • Extra gum- for always going the extra mile
  • Hot Tamales- for being on fire for learning
  • Good and Plenty- for having plenty of good grades
  • Raisinets- for being the ‘raisin’ people smile
  • Candy Corn- might sound corny, but you are awesome
  • Cotton candy- for being carefree
  • Candy- blank for any message

You can use any of these awards as-is, or you can use them as a springboard for your own creativity. Adapting any award to better fit your classroom and your people is as easy as changing a line of text.


To continue, for the end of the year, giving out candy awards is always something special. Subsequently, these editable and customizable end-of-year awards are ‘punny’ and will make for another great award option. They also make a great addition to end-of-year gifts. Thus, the end-of-year crazy just became a *little* less intense, and you can have one item off of your list before the crazy really gets going!

end of year awards


To conclude, for those of you like us, as we wrap up one school year, we also begin thinking about the next! So, here’s a little First Week Favorites post. In short, this resource has done all of the beginning of the school year work for you! Okay, we didn’t decorate your room, but we have your content covered.

First Week Favorites

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