Reagan Tunstall and Kristina Grant

Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits focuses on all elementary subject areas with a passion for elementary math content and resources. On our elementary math blog, you can learn new ideas, sift through easy but practical tips, and expand your education knowledge.

Written by Reagan Tunstall and Kristina Grant, take advantage of their decades of experience in both education and professional development. Let them help you by showing you the latest ideas and proven methods. With a student-centered focus that relies on evidence-based research, everything on their elementary math blog is vetted and classroom-tested.

Illustrative Math

Discussions relating to illustrative math concepts and practices. Explore the latest math ideas that address standards and methodologies for math students in K-5. Find resources that help prepare students for problem-solving, communication, and reasoning.

Build critical thinking skills among students and help them achieve an excellent proficiency level. Ignite the inner mathematician in each of them through engaging ideas and techniques that help you share your passion for math and learning.

Elementary Math

Browse a repository of information focused on all kinds of elementary learning. Help your students explore the most fundamental ideas that build math literacy and help prepare them for further education and life beyond school.

Find simple tools that help you solve specific problems in the classroom alongside deep discussions in educational research and best practices.