End-of-Year Gift Tags

Use these end-of-year gift tags for students, teachers, teammates, and/or administration gifts.  All of the gift items were found at the dollar store.   To use the gift tags, simply print, sign your name by the heart, and attach them to your choice of a gift or treat.   Furthermore, use these tags for student, teacher, teammate, and/or administration gifts.


When it comes to the end of the school year, it’s chaos at best.  Therefore, these gift tags are meant to help make gift giving simple, inexpensive, and adorable.  Below find the items and their sayings.


Included sayings with treat ideas

  • Have a cool summer- popsicles
  • The year flew by- frisbees
  • Have buckets of fun this summer- sand pails/buckets
  • Have a ball this summer- bouncy balls or beach balls
  • Thanks a bunch for a great year –buncha crunch box candy
  • Hope your summer is fire- hot tamales candy
  • You blew me away this year- bubbles, bubblegum, or balloons
  • O-FISH-ally summer Goldfish crackers, Swedish fish candy, fish fruit snacks
  • Shine bright next year- sunglasses
  • Chalk it up as a great year- chalk
  • You will soar next year- kites
  • You were the highlight of the year- highlighters
  • This year rocked- Pop Rocks or Ring Pops
  • You will just glow next year- glow sticks
  • Thanks for making this year just write- pencils
  • This year was silly fun- silly putty or silly string
  • Here’s to a sweet summer- candy, Pixy Stix
  • Have a kool summer- Kool-Aid packets
  • We had a crazy good year- crazy straw
  • This year was dough-ligtful- playdough
  • You made this year so colorful- crayons, watercolors, paint
  • This year was reMARKable- markers
  • This year was beary good- toy bear or gummy bears
  • This year was T-riffic- T-shirt
  • This year was noteworthy- notebooks, notepads, post-it notes, clipboards
  • This year is in the bag- tote bag or treats bag
  • You were the missing piece to our class puzzle- puzzles
  • It’s time to jump to the next grade level- jump rope
  • It’s time to float to the next grade level- floatie
  • Good goggles this year was fun- goggles
  • Last day snack pack- pudding cups
  • Nacho average teammate- Doritos or tortilla chip bags
  • You’re all that and a bag of chips- chips
  • You light up my life- candle
  • You’re the balm- lip balm/chapstick
  • You are scent-sational- candle, scented car freshener, body spray
  • Thanks a latte- coffee, bottled coffee drinks, coffee shop gifts cards
  • You’re extra amazing- Extra gum
  • Hands down you’re the best- hand soap, hand sanitizer, lotion
  • This year has been nothing bundt amazing- Nothing Bundt Cake bundtlets

End of Year Awards

To continue, for the end of the year, giving out awards is always something special.  These editable and customizable end of year awards are ‘punny’ and will make for a great addition to the end of year gifts.

Likewise, here are some candy awards that surely bring a little something extra to awards day! Not only are these precious for students, but I love giving them out to my teammates and colleagues too!

More End of Year Fun

In the post below, you’ll find one of my favorite ways to spend a final week in school.  Classroom Campout is so fun students will forget that they are still learning and will show up ready to be a part of the learning each day.

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