Writing Lessons for the Year

A year of writer’s workshop mini-lessons that addresses the age-old question, “What am I going to do today for my writing mini-lesson?” Each mini-lesson helps to build competent, equipped, and motivated writers! This post takes a look at month-by-month writing lessons for the year.  Every writing lesson is standards-aligned to CCSS and Texas TEKS for Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade. 

This is a free download standards-alignment guide for my bundles of writing workshop mini-lessons for the year for Kindergarten, first grade, and second grade.

k-2 monthly writing standards alignment writing lessons for the year

There is also a free sample lesson plan and writing templates from the February unit included.

Writing Lesson Sample Free Writing Lesson

What is Included in the Year of Monthly Writing Lessons?

Each monthly writing mini-lesson unit contains:

  • General information on writer’s workshop and the mini-lesson
  • Lesson plans and prewriting templates when necessary to fill the entire month
  • A variety of scaffolded writing paper templates for many levels of writers.
  • Extra writing paper for your writing center *optional

All of the units contain a variety of types of writing.  Some lessons can be done in a day or two.  Others allow for the full writing process.  How far you take each lesson is up to you and your budding authors.  You do not have to do all of the lessons to progress through the months. The units spiral review all the types of writing so students do not get in a rut and produce the same piece many times over.  When we change out the focus more often and then spiral back students begin to weave voice with word choice with perspective and have a wider range of skills to tap into.

monthly mini-lessons for writing

Grade Level Writing Mini-Lesson Bundles

To see the full year of lesson plans in a bundle you can click the links below. From there you can purchase individual months if that’s what you need.

Below is a breakdown of the lessons for each month of the year.

Lessons in the August/September Unit

Our first month of writing is important to set the tone for the year.  Wasting no time, we jump right into encouraging all levels of learners to express themselves through drawings, words, and phonetic spelling.

  • Drawing and Labeling
  • Bubblegum Spelling
  • My Memories
  • Adding Details
  • Focus on a Topic
  • Starting Sentences
  • I know all about me!
  • A Special Fish
  • Johnny Appleseed Informative writing


Lessons in the October Unit

This month is packed with spooky topics to excite reluctant learners to the world of writing.  Through the use of scaffolded writing organizers and templates, every level of writer can be successful.

  • Writers Organize Part 1
  • Writers Organize Part 2
  • Spider’s Web of Organization
  • Spiders- Informative Writing
  • Bats- Eplanatory Writing
  • Bats- Opinion Writing
  • Apples and Pumpkins Contrast
  • Pumpkins Sequence Writing
  • Fire Safety Sequence writingWriting Lessons for the Year October

Lessons in the November Unit

November brings on a closer look at a writer’s voice.  Students begin to find their own voice through careful practice and fun exploration lessons.

  • What is Voice?
  • Using Voice through Feelings
  • Voice through Word Choice
  • My five Senese for Voice
  • Head-To-Toe Voice Writing
  • America the Brave Research-Report
  • A Trip to the Moon (Part 1)
  • A Trip to the Moon (Part 2)
  • Talking Turkey Explanatory

Writing Lessons for the Year

Lessons in the December Unit

Although December typically isn’t our most engaged month of learning, our writing begs to differ.  Students make important leaps in learning during this festive time.

  • Word Choice Introduction
  • What Makes a Complete Sentence?
  • Animal Card Word Choice
  • How to Wrap a Gift writing
  • How to Decorate a Tree
  • My Gingerbread Story
  • How to Make Reindeer Food
  • Story Starters- Paragraph Writing
  • Story Closers- Paragraph Writing

January Writing Lessons

Throughout the month of January, students use templates to learn more about the world around them.  This time of year we see that big growth begins to bud in our students.

  • New Year Goal Writing
  • Stories have a Beginning, Middle, and End
  • Influential People & Me!
  • Writing to Inform: Penguins
  • Research Writing: Winter Animals
  • How to Writing: Building a Snowman
  • Opinion Writing: Winter
  • Character Traits: Tacky the Penguin

February Writing Lessons

February brings so many high-interest topics to the table.  We learn to write to a focused topic and share our opinion all through this exciting month.

  • Groundhog Fact and Opinion- Opinion Writing
  • Abraham Lincoln- Informative Writing
  • George Washington- Expository Writing
  • If I Were President: Personal Narrative
  • Dental Health-Sequence Writing
  • Letter Writing
  • Paragraph Writing
  • When I am 100- 100th Day of School Writing

Writing Lessons for the Year

Grade Level Writing Mini-Lesson Bundles

To see the full year of lesson plans in a bundle you can click the links below.

March Writing Lessons

March brings more writing development!  We are now competent independent writers.  Through different topics and lessons, we flex our writing muscles in all sorts of exciting ways.

  • Leprechaun Adjectives-Descriptive Writing
  • My Lucky Life- Personal Narrative
  • Report Writing-Expository
  • Rainbow Template- Paragraph Writing
  • Life Cycle Sequence Writing
  • Season of Spring- Opinion Writing
  • My State Brochure- Informative

April Writing Lessons

In April we take a look at poetry.  Throughout the month of April, students explore poetry and use templates as they learn different ways to express themselves through poems.

  • Poetry is as easy as1,2,3 Number Poems
  • Animal Poem Riddles
  • Senses Rain Poetry
  • Days of the Week Poetry
  • Speak to Me: Picture Descriptive Word Poetry
  • A Little Seed Sequence Writing
  • Alliteration & Tongue Twisters Poetry

May Writing Lessons

  • Mother’s Day Writing
  • A Special Woman in my Life Writing
  • Insects Expository Writing
  • Life Cycle of a Butterfly
  • Sequencing Writing
  • Dinosaurs Opinion Writing
  • Paragraph Writing Summer Topics
  • Rainforest Animals Report

Grade Level Writing Mini-Lesson Bundles

To see the full year of lesson plans in a bundle you can click the links below.

Writing Station

How does the writing center differ from the writer’s workshop lessons? Come read THIS POST to see how I set up the Writing Station Suitcase. Or go digital with Digital Writing Warm-Ups.

The Writing Station Suitcase

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