Digital Writing Warm-Ups

Teaching writing to primary-age students is like trying to solve a Rubix Cube.  In short, overwhelming.  There are so many necessary skills colliding at the same time for each move, but when it comes together, it is exhilarating.  Unlocking the writing code in young students requires daily attention, encouragement, and practice.  Recently, we put together over 200 digital writing warm-ups to help create a simple effective solution.


To begin, a focused writing warm-up takes about 10-15 minutes at the start of each session.  The variety of paperless prompts will keep students engaged and allow for spiraled review of all those standards students need through the year.  Some days students write quite a bit.  Sometimes it’s more of a discussion about a specific rule or type of writing.  The range of responses can be simple to truly spectacular by your budding authors.  Just as we have different inspirations and motivations as writers ourselves day in and out, the same will go for our young authors.  The prompts provide a wide range of topics for interest.

digital writing warm-ups








The digital writing warm-ups are ready to be projected or displayed in front of the class.  Therefore, students then have time to process through the prompt and respond accordingly.  Depending on the range of abilities of your students you may want to work together orally, write together on the screen, have students respond in a writing notebook, or provide writing paper for a longer written response.  Thus, these are what you need them to be for your range of student ability.

digital writing warm-ups kinder, first, second Digital Writing Warm-Ups







Digital Writing Warm-Ups Digital Writing Warm-Ups


In conclusion, there are over 200 different digital writing warm-ups ranging in skills for K-2.  Each prompt has multiple slides and varying levels so you can work through each skill in the best way for your students.

digital writing warm-ups prompts Digital Writing Warm-Ups Digital Writing Warm-Ups














If you love using digital writing warm-ups and you’d like to expand your library, here are other subject areas with digital warm-ups.


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