Summer Science

In this Summer science post, we will explore ten topics of interest to keep those budding scientists busy all summer.  Through the summer, students can enjoy learning about these exciting topics while also using math, reading, writing, and of course, science.


To begin, each of the ten topics has a keepsake foldable book to house the activities.  This is a terrific way to build an interactive record of learning while also keeping up with those fine motor skills all summer long.  If you’d like to keep things simpler, these activities also fit into a spiral notebook or composition book.


When I think of summer, my mind goes to the beach.  In fact, the beach is packed with science learning! THIS POST on ocean science is also packed full of books, videos, science activities, and even a beach in a box idea.  Students can work through ten science activities related to the ocean all while tucking them safely in their very own fish booklet.

ocean science interactive science book for kindergarten, first grade, second grade


Farm animals are a fan favorite with students and children.  Whether it is a field trip to the farm, or books and videos, farm animals pull big interest!  This adorable and personalized barn booklet keeps all the farm learning safe!

Summer Science Farm Animals Summer Science Farm Farm AnimalsINSECT SCIENCE

Insects love summer as much as humans do.  They make a strong appearance during those summer months.  Students can learn about the world of insects with this cooky beetle booklet of ten interactive insect explorations.

This post not only shows you the inside of the adorable world of insects, but also the books and videos I have enjoyed using to teach insects as well!

insect science summer science


Amphibians and Frog Science is a fun-filled way to teach students to be a part of the scientific method while learning all about the world of amphibians! Simple activities can be paired with age-appropriate research and read alouds to make a memorable discovery booklet.

Frog Science Summer Science frog science

Summer science


Interactive Butterfly Science is a fun-filled way to teach students to be a part of the scientific method while learning all about butterflies! Life cycles, adaptations, facts, parts of a butterfly, and even a nectar demonstration are all included in this unit.  This post shares more about the lessons included inside the world of butterflies!

This interactive butterfly science unit provides interactive activities to teach all about butterflies! Fill a science notebook or create a 3-dimensional butterfly science book with interactive, hands on science lessons on parts of a butterfly, butterfly life cycle, butterfly facts, adaptations, butterfly experiment, & more! This lap book foldable makes a great STEM resource for kindergarten, first, & second grade. To learn more about "Butterfly Interactive Science", visit tunstallsteachingtidbits.com


The zoo is always a hot destination during the summer months.  Tie in zoo animal learning to your summer fun! The zoo animals interactive activities were created to meet the standards (especially research) while learning about mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and amphibians.  Each zookeeper gets a personalized zoo booklet to keep a record of learning.

summer science zoo animals



I love teaching this topic and, in THIS POST, you will find so many hands-on ways to make learning about living and non-living come to life.  😉 Understanding living and non-living things is such an important concept.  Students refer back to this information through all of the other science topics.  You’ll find books, videos, and fun extras like comparing a teddy bear to a living bear and an earth worm to a gummy worm!

living things summer science

summer science living thingsliving things


Get your bean seeds ready for this fun plant science booklet!  I love using pinto beans, lima beans, and even some sunflower seeds to really create a living example of the life cycle of plant science. THIS POST takes a look at all things plant science.

plant science summer science


It’s time to teach magnets, force, and motion!  Keep your hands-on science experiments in this keepsake bar magnet science book, or add them to your science notebook.  The goal for these activities is to create “labs” that allow students to work through the scientific process naturally discovering the standards through positive learning experiences! THIS POST takes a look at the different hands on “labs” your students will get to do!magnets


The sweetest of the summer science is Watermelon Science!  This unit is the perfect way to incorporate the scientific process to a delicious summer treat.  THIS POST will show you the experiments, books, and fun to use with watermelon science.

watermelon summer science

Watermelon Science

watermelon summer science watermelon summer science

To conclude, these ten summer science topics ought to keep you and your scientists buzzing for the summer!  To find out more about the topics taught throughout the year, you can find a free standards correlation HERE in this post.

science interactive activities

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  1. Wonderful ideas and great science activities. Each takes time because each subject should be developed and not rushed through! Coming from a 40 year science teacher! Wish I had these when I was teaching!