Amphibians and Frogs Science

Amphibians and Frogs Science is a fun-filled way to teach students to be a part of the scientific method.  Paired with read alouds, and short videos for research, students learn attributes, adaptations, habitats, and unique characteristics of amphibians and frogs. This post shares all the fun books, videos, lessons, and learning on this ‘hoppin’ topic.


Before beginning our studies on amphibians and frogs, I gather books, videos, pictures, and plastic figures of all things frogs.  Below are the books I look for in our school library or my own personal collection.  I display these in our classroom and create an area of interest on our new topic.  Books are linked to Amazon if you are looking to build up your library.

Frogs and Amphibians book of frogs A Frog's Life







Frogs Frogs I Am Frog Frog BookTadpole book









Frog and Toad Stories


One tip I learned early on in my teaching was to create a classroom museum for both science and social studies topics.  Like a focus wall, an artifacts area draws students in to learn more on any topic.  For this, I simply print google images of interesting frogs and amphibian stages of life, habitats, and adaptations of their bodies.  Then I place some plastic figures or representations of the topic below as well.  Here are two examples of those artifacts. They are also linked to Amazon if you are in the market.

Frogs and Amphibians










One of our favorite ways to research is to watch a short video on the lesson at hand.  Here are some of our favorites.  I keep them in a folder on my computer and each day of our studies we watch one to enhance our lesson of the day.  Please always preview any videos before showing them to your students to be sure they are appropriate.


Now it’s time to share our lessons on Frogs and Amphibians.  Each day we spend about thirty minutes doing a lesson and adding it to a keepsake frog investigations booklet.  When I combine both science and writing my lesson takes longer.  I can choose to do all of the included lessons or pick and choose those that hit my standards best if I am limited on time.

amphibians science bookFrogs Booklet

Keep all of your fun hands-on investigations in an interactive frog keepsake book or put them right into a science journal!













Frog & Amphibian Science Includes:

  • Where in the World are Frogs/Amphibians
  • Frog Life Cycle
  • Fun Facts for Frogs and Amphibians
  • Vocabulary for Frogs and Amphibians
  • Adaptations for Life
  • Label an Amphibian
  • Attributes of Amphibians
  • Frog and Amphibian Habitats
  • Pre-writing Paper for Frogs or Amphibians
  • Amphibians Writing Paper

Amphibians and Frogs Science

Amphibians and Frogs Science


With over 32 science and social studies keepsake topics and booklets, we wanted to provide standards alignment and organization to find just what you need to round out your learning.  This post will share all of the alignment and topics we offer.

Science and Social Studies

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