Monthly Classroom Slides

Monthly classroom slides are a collection of themed teaching slides for organization, transitions, and management of a classroom throughout the day. Each month, we engage students from when they enter the classroom to when they leave.

Monthly Classroom Slides

We will share how these classroom slides work using our January slides.

Adding seasonal fun to key moments in the school day creates interest and engages students to focus on the present objective or task.  Because these slides change monthly, students do not lose interest or enthusiasm for the routine.

Monthly Classroom Slides

Slides Included

Customizing these slides involves typing your text right on the background with the given text boxes.  We even have 11 sets of timers that can be inserted into the slides for further management of your day.  Below is a list of slides included in our monthly classroom slides sets.

Monthly Classroom Slides

  • Welcome to our day (multiple options)
  • Today’s agenda (multiple options)
  • This week’s agenda
  • Objectives
  • Morning message (multiple options)
  • Morning meeting (multiple options)
  • Choice time (multiple options)
  • Station time (multiple options)
  • Blank slides with cute backgrounds
  • Clean up with timers
  • Math time
  • Reading time
  • Writing time
  • Science time
  • Social Studies time
  • Centers time
  • Brain breaks (different options)
  • Reflection  (different options)
  • Hat’s off to good work
  • Reward for hard work
  • Reward for good behavior
  • Closing reminders (multiple options)
  • Homework (multiple options)
  • 10 Timer Options for placing on slides

Monthly Classroom Slides

Other Digital Resources

If you want to integrate more digital interactions into your regularly scheduled program, we will highlight resources and posts to get you what you are looking for!  Our digital math, literacy, and writing lessons are always standards-aligned and have high interest for maximum engagement and learning potential.

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