No Mayhem Monday!

I am one happy teacher tonight.  We rocked out the day in room 119.  I mean it.  It’s the 6th week of school and thank you baby Jesus it feels like we are getting somewhere now!

We started with reader’s workshop and boy oh boy my shoulders were tense and my critical eye ball was a scanning the room for mayhem and then all of a sudden I heard the chime on the projector and we were so engrossed in our little guided reading moment that it shocked us all!  I call that major success!  I was able to just settle in and teach y’all! 

Here’s what it looked like: (This was our 5th and final round of the day)
I tiptoed over and snapped this because I was so hearing purposeful talk all on their very own…It was a beautiful moment.  Tomorrow if things fall apart I may need to gaze upon this moment again…

Hold the phone…my read to self group is rocking it out too.  We are holding steady at 15 minute rotations at this point.  We made it to 20 but I felt those last 5 minutes were not quality engagement.  I have kept it to 5 –15 minute rotations.
How do you handle your take home books?  We have this handy baggie.  The book goes home with the child nightly.  I also put in the sight word stars for students to practice nightly.   
The kids were WAY excited to get their first round of sight word stars to practice. 

 This week I pulled out my old tried and true spaghetti spelling.  Students find a meatball {great fine motor practice too} pull it out and read it.  Then record it on their menu! This activity is free in my store.

 Our other word work choices are coming from my Bear Unit.  Truly it has nothing to do with bears much, but they fall in love with the little bear character in all the literacy activities.  If you are working with short vowels and the -ck family this unit will help fill up your word work choices. 

 Speaking of spelling/phonics… Our pattern this week is really going to separate the men from the boys I tell you.  This is not easy y’all.  My little firsties were hanging in there as we generated this list together…  I got a lot of interesting guesses as we thought of words together for each list.  whew…I am pretty sure Bob and ham were even thrown in as guesses at some point.  We have our work cut out for us!

 President Bob (our class pet) enjoyed the Fair this weekend in case you have been wondering about his adventures!!!  He has really gotten around town!

 In guided math, my students worked on their first fact family. (activity out of my October Math Centers) This center is perfect for small group, because you can see right away if students are comfortable moving the numbers around sensibly, or if they are wildly guessing.

 Check out this smartie putting the biggest number last for addition right away!!! Be still my beating heart.

 Finally we wrapped up our day with science.  Today was our introductory lesson on ENERGY!  After watching a brain pop jr about energy students generated this list of items that have or give energy.  As we learn about it we will revisit and see if we can add or if we had misconceptions. 

Have a great night!  The couch and blanket are calling to me!

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  1. I went to a workshop (ages ago…) and they taught the kids "Sam likes fried zebra." to help the kids remember to double the s, l, f, and z at the end of words. Might make a cute anchor chart. 🙂

  2. Love the Star Words!! We use them every day in my classroom!! I have thought about making an interactive sheet to go along with every word for individual practice during word work. Would this be okay with you if I added this to my tpt store and tn store? We tried one out today and they enjoy using it!! So I would love to share it!