Math Strategies Books

One of the ways to positively impact math instruction is through teaching math strategies by name and process, providing a visual of each method, and allowing students to anchor their learning.  This routine is simple and effective. Today, we are excited to share a new resource, Math Strategies Books, an even easier way to ensure students (and parents, too!) understand each math strategy as we learn them throughout the school year.

Math Strategies Books

Personalize strategies for working with numbers by having students create math strategies books as they learn. These books personally deliver each strategy right to each mathematician in the room.  Students take ownership as they work to assemble the book strategy by strategy.  Let’s take a closer look at three math strategies books.

My Number Strategies Book

First, we begin with strategies for working with numbers. Each page has a tab at the top, making it easy to navigate the book. Strategies are taught one at a time, then glued or stapled on the left-hand side. Then, skill pages are included to reinforce each method.

Students gain confidence as they learn many ways to work with numbers. We learn each strategy, call it by name, and model it, too! Students practice their known strategies all through the year in math warm-ups, mini-lessons, small group experiences, and workstations.  Display the pages of the book as posters on a focus wall by cutting off the glue area on the left-hand side of each page.

Here, you can see the skill pages used to practice and reinforce each strategy. Using the cover page, students can create an organized book of their strategies and skill pages.

My Book of Addition Strategies

Next, students can progress to addition strategies with a more elevated format. These pages provide each strategy’s explanation, procedure, and example problem. Underneath, students can practice the technique with more example problems.

Color or black and white printing on cardstock is recommended if these math strategies books will live in student desks or frequently travel in student backpacks.

To provide procedure practice, matching skill pages are included.

My Subtraction Strategies Book

Finally, we introduce and practice subtraction strategies. Over time, each book provides multiple ways to solve and work with the skill at hand. Ultimately, students are provided with options and can solve in the ways that make the most sense to the individual mathematicians.


Following the same format as addition, the subtraction strategies books provide the definition, strategy, example, and skill practice.

My Place Value Strategies Book

Our place value strategies book has 10 strategies and skill pages.

My Book of Place Value Strategies:

  • chart it
  • standard form
  • word form
  • base ten model
  • box, stick, dot
  • expanded form
  • adding with expanded form
  • open number line
  • expanded notation
  • rounding

Bundle Of Strategies Books

Grab these books by clicking any of the pictures or links throughout this post.

My book of Strategies


How Students Can Authentically Practice Math Strategies

There are many ways to infuse math strategies throughout math instruction. One of those ways is through number talks. In the guided math structure, we call this the math warm-up. These whole group discussions allow students to communicate understanding, the process of solving and authentically use their math strategies. Read more about how we do this HERE. While you are there, you can grab the free hand signals for number talks.

Number Talks grades pre-K to 5th


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