Fall Centers and Printables

There’s safety in centers.  I never felt like I had enough!  I love to use them to teach because the student interest is automatic.   This particular set pictured below has 10 math centers, 10 math journals, and 10 math printables.   All of the skills in these packets are worked on in the Guided Math Units 1-4 so they pair nicely with them.

First up, keep or toss!  Students read and compare the numbers on the pumpkins.  If it is true they keep the pumpkin.  If it is false, they place them in the toss wagon!

Comparing and ordering numbers!  These are open ended and can be least to greatest or greatest to least.

This is like chutes and ladders.  Down arrows slide down.  Up arrows move back.

All the way to 120! 

I would add some fun outdoor gloves or a little bucket to this one just for the novelty!  Raking up those math facts.

Practicing 2s, 5s, 10s and 1s!  Laminate and students write and wipe.

This game is fun because students have an element of danger!  Those crows are causing havoc!  They will add and subtract and hopefully avoid the crows!

I think we will play this one after dinner tonight in the Tunstall home.  I adore this little turkey all in pieces.  Students must roll and build the whole turkey before their partner or group gets it done first.  They can be strategic by rolling one or two dice.

I had a student that constantly said, “Oh Nuts!” (with the cutest little lisp you ever did hear)  That catch phrase forever stuck in my head.  I also passed it on to my own children at home.  Don’t you love how that happens?  He would say it at all the wrong times of course but I couldn’t help but giggle internally. 
 This matching center has students working on place value to 120.  

These cute little mice are adding tens.  This is one of those skills that needs to be worked on from all different angles.  Students seem to get it one day but when you present it differently they don’t have it down like you once thought.  I am always trying to work in this skill.

Along with the hands on fun, I put in 10 math journal activity pages!  This one goes well with the toss or keep pumpkins.

Finally, I added 10 printable practice pages.  We all need a quick printable to save us sometimes!

Everything above can be found in this little packet-o-fun! And the great part is that it can be used anytime in the fall.  It isn’t just tied to one month. 

Here are my other Fall math activities!
In the math tubs below are 5 hands on centers from Nutty for Numbers

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  1. Centers have been amazing this year – we've been able to incorporate them into Guided Reading, Math (finally!), and Skills/ELA. Love these ideas and I'm not at all ashamed to admit I own most of these products from you 😉 It's great to see them in action. Thanks! Jen