Math Secret Solvers

Math Secret Solvers turns your mathematicians into detectives. Add sixteen addition and subtraction stations to your math block with picture decoders, task cards, and recording sheets. Put the answer keys in a top-secret folder so students can “close the case” on each skill when complete!

Math Secret Solvers

Research says math stations should spiral review critical skills throughout the school year. This allows students to refine skills, grow mental math flexibility, and efficiently compute numbers. The challenge is creating different opportunities for students to practice skills in new and engaging ways.

16 Included Math Skills

  • addition to 10
  • subtraction within 10
  • missing addends to 10
  • addition to 12
  • subtraction within 12
  • missing addends to 12
  • addition to 20 is the sum even or odd?
  • subtraction within 20
  • missing addends to 20
  • adding three numbers
  • doubles facts
  • add a multiple of 10 to a single digit
  • addition with multiples of 10
  • word problems addition
  • word problems subtraction

How Secret Solvers Works

There are sixteen different number secret solver stations. Each station covers a different skill and has a box to hold the task cards. The title card tells the students which decoder card will be used to solve the picture problems.

Station Names

  • Alien Addition
  • Summertime Subtraction
  • Missing Animals
  • Addition Ahoy
  • Buzzing for Subtraction
  • Who Stole the Candy
  • Addition Island
  • ‘Odd’er Space
  • Subtraction Castle
  • Ghosting Numbers
  • Juggling Addends
  • Diving Into Doubles
  • ‘Egg’celent Math
  • Fired Up for Multiples
  • Glued to Addition
  • Hands Up for Subtraction

More Math Station Fun

Someday, we may feel like we have enough math stations, but that day is not today. So here are some other ways to love and learn math through stations!

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