100+ Math Read Aloud Books

One thing we can’t get enough of us as educators is books.  In the classroom, it is common to pull together read alouds for science, social studies, and social-emotional topics, but not as common to think of read alouds for math.  In this post, we will share 100+ Math Read Aloud Books for all math topics.

100+ Math Read Aloud Books

One of the reasons we love a read-aloud is how they help us to effortlessly deepen concepts through the use of visuals, explanations, and captivating storylines too! First, it is important to state that the Guided Math Series does not rely on the reading aloud of these 100+ books.  Rest assured the lessons are complete on their own.

The 100+ Math Read Aloud Books list is visual, clickable, and linked.  You can click directly from the list to an amazon affiliate link.

100 Math books

Math Topics Included

We continually update this free download of book covers and links as new and wonderful read alouds emerge!  We recently added 25 new titles to the list.

100 math read alouds

The topics you will find in the clickable booklist include:

Number Sense
Skip Counting
Plane Shapes
Solid Figures
Place Value
Telling Time
Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Math Focus Wall

Along with choosing a read-aloud, we want to create a full math experience in every topic throughout the school year.  One way we can do that is to share the math vocabulary and math strategies we will be using throughout the learning of each topic.

Below, a math focus wall shows the prominent math strategies that students are choosing for their problem-solving.  As new strategies are learned, the math focus wall can be updated.  Other strategies are kept on a ring for quick access.

100+ Math Read Alouds

Likewise, a Math Word Wall is displayed to enhance the correct math talk as we work as mathematicians.  Paired with read alouds and Guided Math Lessons, it’s a full immersion into all things math.

Math Word Wall Cards

More Math Lesson Ideas

This post is a one-stop compilation of resources for teaching Guided Math in the elementary grades K-5.  For ease of finding just what you need for your grade level, use the headings to jump to different components of the guided math block, then click your grade level.  Our hope is this Guided Math Resource Compilation will give you the most up-to-date resources to make your best math block.  If you want to zoom in on just teacher-led small groups, here’s a post for you!

Guided Math resource compilation

small group math instruction


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