Math Tools Resource Kits

As a classroom teacher for eighteen years, I notice students consistently struggle with certain math information and problem-solving, regardless of grade level or math curriculum. To support students with this, I created Math Tools. During small group instruction, introduce the math mats and graphic organizers to scaffold the learning to be hands-on. Once students understand how to use a particular learning tool, it is also available during their independent workstation time.

What are Math Tools Resource Kits?

Math Tools Resource Kits enhance small group instruction and support students during independent math station work. This comprehensive set includes essential learning tools like hands-on manipulatives, reference cards, and work mats to support student success.

Math Tools During Teacher-Led Small Group

I first introduced math tools during my teacher-led small group to support math learning in a more hands-on approach. This scaffolded approach allowed me to meet the needs of various levels of learners on the same content by leveling the playing field through the use of manipulatives and math mats. We know that math instruction is not a one-size-fits-all experience. Math Tools Kits allow teachers to scaffold math activities through hands-on and visual support. Along with the hands-on work mats, I added key information as reference cards supporting student learning and independent application of skills. As a jump start to solving, students would reference these cards and then apply the example or key information to their own work. 


Math Tools During Math Workstations

Math tools are also available to students during math workstations when they are expected to work independently. The result is students are equipped with the tools they need to solve various mathematical problems and are empowered to select the tools that will be most helpful. This profoundly impacts student independence and confidence out at math workstations. 


What’s Included in Math Tools Resource Kits?

First, math tools resource kits come in three different grade-level bands. Each grade level band has the tools, manipulatives, and reference cards essential to the standards for those grade levels.  To read the list of specific manipulatives click the grade levels below.


Math Tools Resource Kits


Each grade-level kit includes all the grade-appropriate math manipulatives, reference cards, and graphic organizers that children in that grade level need.



  • Physical manipulatives, reference cards, and graphic organizers in each set cover key math standards.
  • 3 sets of reference cards in each set allow multiple students to use the cards at the same time.
  • Convenient plastic storage tote keeps materials organized.
  • Sets include a Teacher Guide.

How to Purchase Math Tools Resource Kits

You can purchase these kits on Hand2Mind at the links below:

You can purchase these kits on Amazon at the links below:

Guided Math Classroom Kits K-5

If you are interested in more ready-to-teach kits with lessons for whole group and small group instruction for math, you can find grades K-5 both on Hand2Mind and Amazon.

Guided Math Manipulatives

Guided Math Manipulatives

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  1. Is it possible just to get the 3 card sets and not the manipulatives. I have a class set of these manipulatives so I don’t need more but could use the cards. I also am Canadian so American money manipulatives are of no use to me. Thanks.