Classroom Campout

A long-standing favorite end-of-year activity has been to have a Camping Day at school where students are invited to bring books and flashlights into the classroom.  As the years progressed, we turned that into a Camp Read-A-Lot-themed day incorporating some fun room transformation and academic activities.  Recently, I decided to extend the fun into a full Classroom Campout week!  The truth is that the end-of-year themes go a long way for engagement when the motivation is hard to find.  Thus, I wanted to pack a week of camping theme fun while also having high academic activities infused with fun.

Classroom Campout

To begin, I made sure each day (all subjects) would involve camping fun for all five days.  Whether I wanted to do a full room transformation or not, the students would get to experience all of the regular subject areas related to camping themes all week long.   As a result, I created five different campsite focus themes so I could have five full days of academic fun!  Along with reading, math, and literacy, we also add some crafts to motivate those little learners!

Classroom Campout

Five Campsites

To continue, I created five campsite themes under which to have all of the themed activities.  These are Firefly Forest, Deep Woods, Camouflage Cave, Reel River, and Cozy Campground.  In addition, each campsite contains a close read and response sheet, two math workstations, two literacy workstations, a craft and writing activity, and a science experiment!

Classroom Campout

Ways to Use

Whether you want to visit one campsite a day as a class, or have students rotate in groups through the week, there are five different campsite themes packed with a full day of learning each!  This unit was created to refocus the summer sillies on important learning.  Whether you want to do a full room transformation, or simply incorporate this learning in your school day, summer camp, or family camping trip, Classroom Campout will deliver!

Classroom Campout

Whole Group Morning Warm-Ups

To really pull together the learning, there are math and literacy morning warm-ups included.  These digital slides can be projected so students can begin camping as they walk into the classroom!

Classroom Campout Warm-Ups

Camping Close Reads

To further bring each campsite theme to life, there is a close read on the topic of each day!  Students are given a close read instruction page for three different reads and a response sheet too.  Close reads can be done together as your reading instruction, in reading small groups, or as a workstation activity for partners or groups!

Classroom Campout Close Read

20 Math and Literacy Workstations

Classroom Campout provides you with 20 math workstations per day and two literacy workstations per day.  For the week, you have 20 camping workstations!

Camping Literacy Stations


Camping Math Stations

Writing and Crafts

I love a science writing tie in, and this was the perfect opportunity to have students write through the week!  I always use the themed craft as motivation for after the final draft of writing and it works like a charm.  Students want to get to the adorable craft so writing motivation is high!  Here’s a peek at the writing and craft for the Firefly Forest campsite.  The rewriting organizer is always included.  Throughout the week there are different types of writing students will complete.  This one is an expository piece.  When students are finished, they will make a glowing firefly.  Finally, for a grand finale at Firefly Forest, turn out the lights and let students hold up their fireflies!

classroom campoutCamp crafts


Camping Crafts and Science

Science Experiments

Each campsite has an included science experiment making it five total for the week.  Simple science concludes the full learning experience each day.  In fact, everything needed for the entire unit was found at Walmart.  My goal is to make your life easier at a tough time of the school year.   I know it can be tough to keep showing up with the same enthusiasm as summer approaches.  Classroom Campout puts that pep in your step!

Classroom Campout

More End of Year Activities

Furthermore, I recently posted Ten End of Year Activities to review math.  As you approach this important time of the school year, take every opportunity to sharpen those skills taught throughout the year.

End of Year Activities Math Review




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