Learning About The Sun, Moon, and Stars

In this post, we have compiled our favorite activities, books, and videos for learning about the sun, moon, and stars.  We keep all of the learning in a memorable folding lapbook which adds engagement, fine-motor practice, and organization skills to the mix!

Learning About The Sun, Moon, and Stars

Students already love the topic of the sun, moon, and stars, so engagement begins high, and we want to keep that interest peaked the entire time! Here are our favorite books, videos, and activities when learning about the sun, moon, and stars

Read Alouds for the Sun, Moon, and Stars

All of the books below are linked to Amazon (Affiliate links) for your convenience, you can click each book to find out more. They will open a new tab for you so you don’t lose your place in this post.

Activities for The Sun, Moon, and Stars

When learning about the sun, moon, and stars, we like to have students create their own keepsake folding lapbook. This is a terrific way to fit in fine-motor and organizational skills while also keeping engagement high. The cover is done last as the culmination of the book. We do this to keep it from being torn and tattered in the process of creating these books.

Our Lesson Plan Process

To begin, we gather students and state the learning objective. We choose one of the activities in the Sun, Moon, and Stars Interactive Book. We read a book, watch a video, and discuss the learning. Then students add the activity to their foldable books. We do this routine each day until the books are complete. Once students know how to do the activities, some activities can be put into stations or done independently at other times in the day. This entire book of activities can take a week or two weeks depending how much of it you want students to do per day.

Tips for Teacher

Create an example Sun, Moon, and Stars Book to use for showing students formatting and how the book will come together. You can decide to add the answers or not to your book. This will help immensely in showing students what they are creating and how it will look when done correctly.

Topics covered

Below are the activities in the Sun, Moon, and Stars Book.

Sun, Moon, and Stars

  • Cover Title and Book Craft
  • World in the Sky
  • Our Galaxy
  • Day and Night
  • Fact or Opinion Sun, Moon, and Stars
  • Vocabulary
  • Phases of the Moon
  • Sun, Earth, and Moon Model
  • True or False
  • Sun, Moon, and Stars, Pre-Writing
  • All About Sun, Moon, and Stars Writing Paper

Videos for The Sun, Moon, and Stars

Here are some videos on the sun, moon, and stars. Always preview the videos before you watch them with your students. I am not responsible for these embedded links changing over time or showing something inappropriate.

Meeting Standards Through Science and Social Studies

We love to use this formula of success to learn science and social studies topics. In this post, we share the topics and standards we cover in many other books like the sun, moon, and stars book!

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