Phonics Posters to Support Structured Literacy

 This post shares our latest and greatest Phonics Posters to support structured literacy.

Why Should I Use Phonics Posters?

Phonics posters provide students with an image connected to sound. As students acquire new graphemes, they connect to phonemes and images to provide a solid learning anchor. Structured literacy is like a timeline for introducing sound spellings. Anchoring those sound spellings supports the ongoing journey of new decodable content throughout the year.

Ways to Use Phonics Posters to Support Structured Literacy

Below, you can see just some of the ways phonics posters can enhance learning on and off the wall.

Two Style Options for Every Card

Short and Long Vowels, Vowel Teams, Welded Sounds, Word Endings, R-Controlled Vowels, Blends, Digraphs, and MORE

Below is our list of Phonics Posters in the four sets we offer. If there is a sound you need, just let us know. We have tried to provide every sound we know is taught from Kindergarten to upper grades.

Take a Look at Phonics Posters

digraphs, welded sounds, and r-controlled

Beginning blends, final blends, silent letters, and three-letter blends

Long vowels and vowel teams

More Literacy Resources

First, we have another post about resources for structured literacy.

Next, we go more in-depth into one resource, Word Chains.

Finally, we have a sound wall resource which pairs wonderfully with our phonics posters.

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