Math Tools Resource Kits Organization

I shared a resource on social media and received a lot of interest on my organization of math manipulatives. Thus, in this post, you’ll find links for our Math Tools Resource Kits Organization.

Math Tools Resource Kits Organization

We created the Math Tools Resource Kits out of a need in our classrooms during teacher-led small groups and student workstations. In fact, they serve two purposes in the math workshop. First, math tools provide differentiation at the teacher-led small group table. The different math mats and manipulatives allow all of the core math content to be scaffolded up or down easily. Second, math tools support students who are working independently at workstations. Students simply grab the tool, reference card, or math mat they need and get back to work.

Organizing Math Manipulatives

The organizers I used with the dividers came from Amazon. I have linked the pictures so you can click and a new tab will open just for you.

For example, the place value disks picture above has an extra divider in there that I added to have an extra compartment. The trays can have up to four compartments. I used clear tape and added an extra compartment myself. Below you can see other arrangements.

Longer Organizers for Math Manipulatives

The long and mini organizers are perfect for manipulatives that don’t take up as much space or those that are long. These fit perfectly into the Math Tools Resource Kits Tubs with the other tray organizers. It was a match made in math heaven- plus math was done to make sure all of these would play nicely together.

Below in our K-1 Math Tools Resource Kit, you can see how these trays fit together in the tub making great use of the given space.

Below, our Grades 2-3 Math Tools Resource Kit is organized and ready to support learning!

Our 4-5 Math Tools Resource Kit is our favorite with such a perfect variety of upper grade manipulatives. Hands-on learning isn’t always as obvious in the upper grades, but we’ve got you covered!

Math Manipulative Organization

For even more math manipulatives organization–like free labels–visit the post below!

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