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guided math collage

After 18 years in the classroom, I can honestly say that I enjoy teaching every subject, but some lessons tend to be more exciting than others.  Math is always a happy spot in our day because I genuinely enjoy teaching the lessons.  There’s so much math fun to be had while learning new concepts day after day.  When inputting lesson plans, that joy and fun disappears for me!  I LOVE conceptualizing new lessons.  I LOATHE entering them into a 9 point lesson plan.  Tell me I am not alone!

guided math

I have even been bold enough to admit that lesson planning can be a creativity killer.    Accountability is king in education these days and I finally found a way to be accountable while keeping lessons exciting and accessible for the crazy busy teacher life!  I took years of my detailed lesson plans and put them all into a teacher friendly format by standard!  From this day forward, math is planned!  Plus it is all ink friendly, standards based, and hands on excitement!  Are you screaming with me yet?!!?!?

Math Lessons for Every Day

There are 9 different units of math lessons to carry you through the entire year.  Each day has options for whole group and small group lessons with all the materials.  Whether you teach one of those or both, you will have what you need!  Here’s a peek at one or two of the lessons in each unit.  The lessons are aligned to common core and Texas Teks.

Number Sense Unit 1




Unit 1 Number Sense


Addition and Subtraction Unit 2





Unit 2 Addition and Subtraction


Addition and Subtraction (Digging Deeper) Unit 3



Unit 3 Addition and Subtraction Digging Deeper


Place Value Unit 4



Unit 4 Place Value


Geometry and Fractions (2D and 3D Shapes) Unit 5





Unit 5 Geometry and Fractions


Time and Measurement Unit 6





Unit 6 Time and Measurement


Coins and Graphing Unit 7



Unit 7 Coins and Graphing


Mixed Review Unit 8



Unit 8 Mixed Review


Place Value (Digging Deeper) Unit 9


Unit 9 Place Value Prep for 2nd Grade


You can also get all 9 units in one large bundle for a discount.


Click on any unit cover to find it on teacherspayteachers.

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  1. I recently bought this bundle and I LOVE it! There is SO much content in this. I love how you have set up each lesson with whole and small group lessons and activities. Our district just adopted a new math program and it is just NOT working for me or my first grade friends. I have been waffling on purchasing this unit since last year and finally just had to do it. I am NOT unhappy at all about my decision, even though it came out of my own pocket. It is money well spent. Reagan, you are a ROCK star, girl! I also have the math journals and Daily Math and use them all together. After I wrapped my head around the first few lessons in the Guided Math Unit, I jumped in and my kids and I LOVE it! I am excited about math, my kids are excited about math and I’ve gotten my colleagues excited about math. My kids look forward to math each day. It is fun and they are learning so much at the same time. I just finished the Place Value unit and EVERY.SINGLE.KIDDO. scored 80% or higher on our 1st Grade Common Assessment for our Grade Card. A-MA-ZING! I have NEVER in my 8 years of teaching 1st Grade had a class where EVERY kid scored a passing score on ANY assessment. Even my strugglers “got it”. I am in math heaven now. Thank you for sharing your wonderful ideas with all of us! Blessings to you!

  2. I love this math resource. I use it for my guided math time with my 1/2 multiage class. It is my student’s favourite time of the day. Thank you for sharing your ideas with us!

  3. Last year, I was told at my new school that we were expected to use Guided Math but was given limited help and knowledge about it. I found your units and I am OBSESSED! It makes so much sense now and I’ve spent half my summer getting everything ready! Where can I find activities for my students to do at the Apply station? Thanks!

  4. I bought your unit and I used it this year in my classroom! I loved it!! Have you created any pre tests for grade one for differentiated instruction for each unit?

  5. Hi! Very excited to use this in my first year or teaching 1st grade. I do have a question though! For the small-group centers, do you explain daily what their centers are? Do you display them on the board or on a pocket chart so the kids know what to do? I’ve been doing some research and I see some teacher have a “daily 5” rotation for math and I just don’t know what approach to take yet.. Please let me know your routine for introducing new centers 🙂