How to Launch Guided Math

This free guide will take you step-by-step through the process of How to launch Guided Math.  It is meant to give you the structure and routine to try out a new math format in your classroom.  This method for math instruction can be modified to fit your own personality, students, and style!

How to Launch Guided Math

The guided math approach is a balance of both procedural and conceptual math in an effective student-centered format.  This allows students to move from conceptual understanding to abstract thinking.  This system includes a balance of whole group and small group instruction.  The guided math classroom is kid-friendly and developmentally appropriate with student-centered activities.

How to Launch Guided Math

This guide was developed with the teacher in mind. It’s my way of joining you in your classroom as we make this exciting step into math workstations!

Students First

Guided Math is a process for both the teacher and the learner.  Be mindful of the needs of your students as you follow this step-by-step guide!  The first half of the book shares information on managing, organizing, and the research behind Guided Math.

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The second half of this free resource is a step-by-step guide for pacing and introducing workstations.  I have been launching guided math for years.  I began in 2000.  Each year this is the general order and pacing that I follow to take students from dependent to INDEPENDENT.

This guide gives you that support and reference, but ultimately it’s best to introduce and adjust based on the students in the room. Furthermore, you may find that you can combine lessons within the guide to fit your needs or that the pace is faster or slower than outlined. Therefore, this guide gives you the backbone, and the pacing is what you make it.  To state the obvious, you know your students best!

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Free Resources

Additionally, in the guide, you will find free resources to help launch your guided math block.  These free resources come in different styles to accommodate personal taste as well as grade-level appropriate visuals.










Guided Math Management

Ultimately, teachers know the backbone of launching and keeping a successful Guided Math block is in management.  Click HERE to read more about how I manage Guided Math.

Guided Math Timers

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  1. I teach 2nd and 3rd Grade Math and Science and I think your materials for guided math are excellent to develop and enhance skills.

    Mrs. Schmidt