Intervention for Numeracy, Counting, and Cardinality

Primary age students count objects.  They practice one-to-one correspondence and learn to associate a written numeral with the spoken number. This is often a challenge for some students who need additional practice to develop this important skill.  Thus, below you can find a few ideas for inspiration.  Especially, when it comes to intervention for numeracy, counting, and cardinality.

It is developmentally appropriate to use real objects rather than worksheets or pictures of objects.  Students often move the objects to one side as they count.  This, ultimately, helps them organize the counting. Therefore, this is a multi-sensory approach that engages the brain and helps students learn through different approaches.  The problem can be, however, in providing enough varied practice of these important skills.

As a result, this resource provides differentiated tools to support both teachers and students.  Use these ready-to-teach activities during intervention time, or as a supplement to students who need extra practice during small groups.

Intervention for numeracy, counting, and cardinality

Intervention Solution

Furthermore, this intervention program allows teachers to effectively provide differentiated intervention for all levels of learners with progress monitoring built right in.


Each set of mats provides numerous learning outcomes and activities.  Math Intervention Solution provides the targeted practice most curriculum programs are lacking.  Make learning targeted, easy, and fun!  Plus everything included is backed by standards, research, progress monitoring, and assessments.  This is an all-in-one solution to intervention.

Intervention for numeracy, counting, and cardinality

Intervention for Numeracy, Counting, and Cardinality made FUN!

Above all, high-interest, standards-based instruction that allows teachers to fill in foundational gaps and holes in learning in students’ math thinking, is what it is about.

Intervention for numeracy, counting, and cardinality Intervention for numeracy, counting, and cardinality


To conclude, you’ll find all the math standards from pre-k to second grade broken into the six categories below.  In fact, each standard contains multiple lesson probes because students need to work on the same concept in many ways through many formats over many days (or weeks).

  • Numeracy, Counting Skills, Cardinality
  • Operations, Computations, and Algebraic Relationships
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Patterns, Skip Counting, Sorting, and Grouping
  • Geometry
  • Measurement and Data Analysis

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