Standards Alignment and Guided Math

Alignment documents make it easier to plan and teach Guided Math. Guided Math is used in classrooms across the United States. This post shares two free documents for standards alignment and Guided Math.

For the last ten years, we’ve been working with teachers to design their best math blocks utilizing the framework of Guided Math. A favorite perk of working with teachers is listening to how each school and district uses its math resources and how they pace through the standards.

Standards Alignment and Guided Math

First, our free standards overview document takes you lesson by lesson, showing you the Common Core standards overview and alignment and a review of Texas TEKS-aligned math. Grade Level Links are just below this picture. This document is terrific for a few reasons. You’ve shared that you like knowing the overview and plan for the entire year of math in one document. Many schools and districts across the U.S. do not have any scope and sequence, leaving teachers to do all the pacing and planning. Teachers have shared how these documents gave them the much-needed plan and pacing for their standards-aligned math lessons.

Standards Alignment Guided Math

On the other hand, some schools and districts have a much more rigid approach, and teachers must either use specific resources or align those resources to a specific pacing calendar. The standards alignment and Guided Math documents below can help align Guided Math to any scope, sequence, or pacing guide because each lesson and standard is laid out for the year. Grab this free document by clicking your grade level below the image.

Standards Alignment and Guided Math

TEKS Resource and Year-at-a-Glance Standards Alignment

For our Texas teachers, the standards are referred to as TEKS (Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills). Many schools and districts use the TEKS Resource System’s YAG (Year at a Glance) to pace the math standards. We have new documents for standards alignment, and Guided Math paced to the TEKS Resource System’s year-at-a-glance. These documents are free and editable. Grab this free document by clicking your grade level below the image.

TEKS Resource YAG and Guided Math Standards Alignment

What is the Best Way to Use Guided Math?

Each year, we share an optional survey with teachers across the U.S. to share how they use Guided Math. The survey asks how they use Guided Math, what benefits students most or least, and the ease of use for the teacher. Find the latest results here.

Guided Math survey results and professional development

What is Guided Math? Resources and Explanation  Guided Math Framework Pre-K to 5th Grade

We have many posts and teaching resources online about each aspect of the Guided Math framework, research, and theory in practice, but this post will give you the most concise and up-to-date resources we offer for Pre-K to Grade 5.

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