December Math Games, Journals, and Printables

Transforming my house for the holidays brings out a magical excitement that the entire family enjoys each year.  Just like we decorate our home, we also want to excite our little learners at school with standards based work dressed up with seasonal fun!

Here are 30 math activities all dressed up for the month of December!

  • 10 hands-on math centers
  • 10 math journal activities 
  • 10 math printables

Skill: Place Value in Base Ten Form

Skill: Strategic sums to ten 
Skill: Addition and Subtraction
Skill: Number sense and count-bys to 120 both forward and backward
Skill: Sums to 12 Sort and Classify
Skill: Number sense to 120
Skill: Comparing Numbers to 120
Skill Sums to ten and twenty
Skill: Ordering numbers to 120 greatest to least/least to greatest
Skill:  Adding and Subtracting Tens

Skills: Place Value, Build a Math Story, Solving math stories, fact family, written numbers, adding tens, base ten, and greater than less than

Skills: Numbers to 120, count-bys, number forms, word problems, addition, subtraction

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  1. Hi Reagan, I am rocking the PJs, eating leftovers and watching movies today. Would love to win your December package to keep my first graders on track next month!
    Karen Robinson

  2. Went out around 6am, but just to LifeWay Christian bookstore for a few Storybook bibles and a devotional for my mom! 🙂 Now it's major lazy day for me!! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. It's no make-up, hang at the house. Decorating the tree getting in the Christmas spirit. Your activities sure would bless my students and make the next 3 weeks simple!! Thanks for all you do.

  4. I have done it all toady; a little window shopping, worked in my first grade classroom, and now I am home wear my pjs. I sure am blessed! I use many of your products and I would love to have these centers to spice up the holiday cheer!

  5. Love your stuff and am still looking for fun activities for my firsties. These would be great! They would absolutely love them and I would be forever grateful as I am lounging with my puppies today.

  6. Love your stuff and am still looking for fun activities for my firsties. These would be great! They would absolutely love them and I would be forever grateful as I am lounging with my puppies today.

  7. I went to work in my first grade classroom today! I actually was redoing my math centers! I have your rotation board and I love it. I was changing out the centers and setup of how I am running it. This would be a perfect addition to my routine! I love these! 🙂 Thanks for having the giveaway. By the way, your rotation board works perfectly with my first graders! 🙂 Thank you!

  8. No shopping today. Cleaned and organized house today. Feels good getting it done. Maybe Christmas decorations this weekend? Would love to win this for math stations and RtI for my first graders. Great work!

  9. I'm home now. I went to the movies earlier with my son. I didn't go shopping today but I went to Kohl's last night. Craziness! I would love to win this for my kiddos! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Braved the crowds with my daughters to get a Mother of the Bride Dress for my daughter's wedding on Jan 2nd. I found a dress and had a great day with my daughters. Now I am vegging at home with the I-Pad and Christmas movies:)))

  11. Didn't shop today – instead babysat my precious grandson who will be one a week from today – so his momma and daddy could go shopping! What a blessing he is!!! Would love to win this! I LOVE your games and printables – have so many of them! They have been a lifesaver! Thank you! I have to publish as anonymous.

  12. Shopped a little yesterday and today with my mom who came in town from Wisconsin. Cheered on the Packers last night while eating leftovers from lunch. Reading a book recommended by my student before break!

  13. Went shopping for 8+ hours with my daughter…it's our mother/daughter tradition. She is 18 and this is our 18th year shopping all night long! First time she went I had her in a front carrier since she was 6 months old! It's not about the "stuff"…it's the memories we make each year!

  14. No shopping! I had to take a sick cat to the vet and wash the bedding that he messed! Now just working around the house. So much to do so little time before Monday! I would love to win this!

  15. Hi Reagan! I always look forward to your e-mails with new ideas and new products! I love your ideas and products and so do my students! I am using your ideas today to plan for December in my classroom! You make my job so much easier! Thank you.

  16. My mom and I have been shopping black friday since Wednesday and still shopping! Blessed to have my mother! 😉