Engaging Writing Activities

One area I want to improve on this coming school year, is the writing center.  I want students to practice specific skills in an engaging hands-on way.  This way I know they are utilizing that center to become better at writing each day.  I wanted to infuse my mini-lessons into their writing activities, so I created activities that will do just that! 

 Lesson:  What makes a sentence?


Lesson:  Stories have characters

Lesson:  Stories have settings

 Lesson:  Stories have a beginning, middle, and end

 Lesson:  Great stories have details

 Lesson:  Stories have problems

 Lesson:  Stories have an order that makes sense

 Lesson:  Creative Writing

 To find this unit in my teacher store click the picture below.  The unit is on sale!

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  1. Reagan,

    Where did you purchase the hanging rod and buckets that you have in your writing center? They are perfect for the writing center!!

  2. You are truly a woman after my own heart! I have been pouring myself over more engaging writing center activities for this school year! Can't wait to add these amazing activities to my centers!

    I'd love for you to check out the writing centers that I recently blogged about… I call it, The Creation Station!

    Thanks again for the great ideas and resources! I'm off to your TPT store!

    Firstie Favorites

  3. Great idea! I love how you made a clear connection between your mini lessons and the center activities. Thank you for sharing how you set up your centers as well.