Get to Know Me Flip Book for Back to School

This is a quick post to share our Get to Know Me Flip Book for Back to School. A great fit for grades 3-5 age students, this resource is the perfect first week activity. Having students do one page per day for the first week is a terrific calming and self-reflective activity.

Get to Know Me Flip Book for Back to School

This Get to Know Me printable was created as the big kid counterpart to our All About Me younger grades flip book. Students may not be academically ready to share as they enter a new grade level, but most enjoy sharing about themselves. This non-content activity allows even our most relucant learners an opportunity to shine. They can become comfortable with the class, the individuals, and the atmosphere.

Promoting A Classroom Community

Providing an opportunity for students to share about themselves through pictures or words fosters a sense of belonging and community in the classroom. This practice encourages self-expression allowing students to showcase their unique experiences and interests. Not only do we receive insight into students’ backgrounds, but students feel valued, heard, and included.

First Week Favorites

Need more ideas for those first couple of weeks of school? We have the first two weeks completely planned out for you. You can see all about it here.

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