Intervention for Number and Operations for Base Ten

Over the last year, I have created a comprehensive math intervention resource for the primary grades k-2.  Therefore, this post is all about intervention for number and operations for base ten (also known as place value).


To begin, this solution is one part of an extensive year-long response to intervention progress monitoring system for standards ranging from Pre-K to Second Grade.  For years, I have struggled to find the right resources to meet the varied needs of my learners who need intervention.  Subsequently, this resource provides ready to go intervention activities with built-in evaluation and progress monitoring.

Intervention for Number and Operations in Base Ten


The set this post is focusing on is the place value strand of math standards for grades K-2.  In addition, this intervention program allows teachers to effectively provide differentiated intervention for all levels of learners with progress monitoring built right in.

Place Value Intervention



  • Research and Rationale
  • Labels for Organization
  • Standards Alignment CCSS and TEKS
  • Over 40 Lesson Probes with 350+ pages of lessons and materials
  • Academic Vocabulary Visual Cards
  • Word Stems for Math Talk
  • Math Tools
  • Progress Monitoring Tools
  • Skills Assessments

Intervention for Number and Operations in Base Ten

Each set of mats provides numerous learning outcomes and activities.  Therefore, Intervention Solution provides the targeted practice most curriculum programs are lacking! Make learning targeted, easy, and fun!

Intervention for Number and Operations in Base Ten


Intervention Solution works alongside any math adoption or curriculum. It provides the lessons, activities, tracking, and support for those students working at a different pace or level.  This resource is laid out and organized for a busy primary teacher.  There are visuals on how to organize, store, use, and report information included.  Feeling unsure about knowing how to use an intervention program?  We walk you through each step!

Intervention for number and operations in base tenIntervention for place value


When you are ready to work with a student, simply pull up the included alignment guide and next to the standard he/she needs support with, you will find the lesson probes for targeted instruction.  For example, students need many different formats and modalities to explore.  Intervention Solution has that.  Moreover, I need just as many extension activities as I do remediation.  Intervention Solution has that covered.

The best part? No more searching for basic worksheets which make intervention time boring with a capital B.  Students cheer when I pull out my Intervention Kit!  This is a complete 180 from my frustrating experience in years past.


In fact, the intervention for number and operations in base ten is packed full of lesson probes.  Each lesson contains skill focus, instructions, math talk vocabulary, extensions and standards, and a variety of ranges plus any math mats and materials for the students to use.   My favorite part? The visuals on each lesson probe show me a terrific way to set up the lesson probe for success.



To conclude, take a deep dive into the full resource and all that it includes.  Continue reading about intervention resources with THIS post.

Intervention for Number and Operations in Base Ten




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