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math intervention

This math intervention solution is a year-long Response to Intervention progress monitoring system for grade levels Pre-K to Second Grade.   This tool provides a solution for students needing both support and enrichment.

The Sets in the Series:

You’ll find all the math standards from pre-k to second grade broken into the six categories below.  Each standard contains multiple lesson probes because students need to work on the same concept in many ways through many formats.

  • Numeracy, Counting Skills, Cardinality
  • Operations, Computations, and Algebraic Relationships
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten
  • Patterns, Skip Counting, Sorting, and Grouping
  • Geometry
  • Measurement and Data Analysis

intervention solution for math

This math intervention program allows teachers to effectively provide differentiated intervention for all levels of learners with progress monitoring built right in. Whether you have built-in time for intervention, or you want to allow students extra time and practice on concepts through many formats, this resource provides differentiated tools to support both teachers and students.

math intervention solution

Each set of mats provides numerous learning outcomes and activities. Intervention Solution provides the targeted practice most curriculum programs are lacking! Make learning targeted, easy, and fun!

math intervention pictures

General Overview

This Math Intervention Solution works alongside any math adoption or curriculum as well as on its own.  Furthermore, it provides the lessons, activities, tracking, and support for those students working at a different pace or level.  Simply pull up the alignment guide and next to the standard the student needs support with, you will find the lesson probes for targeted instruction. Because students need to explore each concept in many formats and modalities, each standard has multiple lesson probes in different levels of development.

intervention solution explanation

Every lesson is differentiated with all levels of learners in mind from those who are struggling to those who need an extension.  Below is an example lesson probe for adding within 100 in the Number and Operations in Base Ten set.

The Standards

The standard alignment guides correlate the standard, the description of the skill, and the lesson probes that address those standards. The standards used are Early Childhood Outcomes and Pre-K Guidelines, Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), as well as Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Common Core State Standards (CCSS).

standards alignment

How does It Work?

Intervention Solution is an instructional resource series that uses the CRA or CPA: Concrete, Representational (Pictorial), and Abstract theory of child development. Students move through developmental stages of learning from concrete hands-on experiences to visual or pictorial understanding, and ultimately to numbers and symbols, referred to as abstract.

intervention solution concrete pictorial abstract

Each Intervention Solution lesson has the Concrete Pictorial Abstract clearly marked. This is designed to help the teacher better instruct students at their current level and scaffold them to the next one. This classification of CPA allows the teacher to work with the child using the developmental stages of math understanding.

The Intervention Setting

This resource is also tied to instructional research explaining that small group lessons allow students to have deeper conversations, risk-free exploration of concepts, and targeted and differentiated instruction. Through the use of this resource, students will experience authentic math discoveries within a small group of peers.


intervention activitiesassociative property


In the intervention setting, students build understanding while introducing multiple strategies and methods for solving. This exposure allows students to experience adaptive reasoning. Additionally, through these components, students receive differentiated instruction with the teacher, collaborate with peers to reason and reflect, and have an independent application of math concepts. These three ways of engagement allow students to flourish through many modalities.

make a ten math strategy

Classrooms are filled with mixed abilities ranging from learning styles to academic readiness. Focused math instruction increases student learning for both struggling students as well as advanced. The activities in this resource are perfect for intervention, differentiation, and extension.  Because the lessons follow the math strands rather than being grade-level specific, it is simple to fill in gaps or explore higher concepts with all learners.

What’s Included?

  • Program Research and Rationale
  • Labels for Organization
  • Standards Alignment
  • Lesson Probes with 300+ pages of lessons and materials per unit
  • Number Cards
  • Academic Vocabulary Visual Cards
  • Word Stems for Math Talk
  • Progress Monitoring Tools
  • Progress Monitoring Assessments
  • Skills Assessments
  • Performance Tracking

Lesson Instruction Sheets

Lesson probes include skill focus, instructions, math talk vocabulary, extensions and standards, and variety of ranges plus any math mats and materials for the students to use.

lesson instruction sheets

Vocabulary Cards

Vocabulary cards are included to help provide a visual representation of the academic math talk being used in each lesson. In addition, each lesson lists the math vocabulary right above the lesson instruction allowing the teacher to grab and teach!

intervention solutions vocabulary math talk

Academic Word Stems for Math Talk

Part of the intervention instruction focuses on math talk and vocabulary. Academic word stems provide a visual aid for students. If you work with students learning English (ELLs) or work with those students who have processing and speech goals, these are essential.

math talk academic word stems

Progress Monitoring

Track and record progress through standards checklists and ready to go data and graph sheets prepared just for you to make this as simple as can be!   Moreover, Each set has specific data tracking, along with standards checklists, assessments, and more to make progress monitoring as simple as possible.

progress monitoring

math intervention

Related Math Program

If you are in need of a primary or supplemental math program the intervention solution is a wonderful addition.  Also, I have Guided Math for grades K-5 which can be found in this post.guided math set up


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  1. Are you, by chance, working on a set for 5th grade? This is definitely the area I need the most help, and your stuff is always phenomenal!