Guided Math Timers

Using guided math timers for your rotations or workstations creates an organized and focused management system.  Students learn the consistent routine and understand their role within the system.  Guided Math Timers

Why Use Timers?

The clean and cheerful visuals bring clarity to what each student should be doing during workstations whether you choose to have two rotations or six!  The visual guided math timers remind students of how much time is left to complete the tasks at hand. These timers can be modified by a number of groups, number or rotations, rotation choice, and minutes per round.

How to Use Guided Math Timers

The Guided Math Timers are both in PowerPoint and Google Slides.  There are simple step-by-step directions to follow to build the slides into the math block suited just to you and your students!  You’ll choose the number of rounds, length of rounds, activities for each group, and a number of groups.  In a matter of minutes, you will be off and working (and the timers will run automatically)!

Guided Math Timers


Recently Updated

Recently we have improved these Guided Math Timers by adding timers for every minute increment up to an hour.  Now you have total freedom in the timing of your rounds!  Another new update is the sound of the chime when the rounds are complete.  Finally, new icons and math slides have been added.  Now you can create a cohesive opening and closing of your math block with these slides.  Be sure to download this resource from your “My Purchases” on TeacherspayTeachers to get the updates automatically!

Guided Math Timers

Math STACK Rotations

STACK  is an acronym management system for running the guided math workshop class model.  Through the use of STACK,  students are able to practice and apply math concepts in many modalities and formats using the foundation of mathematical practice standards.

Most importantly, STACK  gives structure to the Guided Math classroom providing both students and teachers an effective system for building a well-rounded math experience.  Each letter in the word STACK  is a component of the Guided Math workshop.

  • S stands for Small Group
  • T stands for Technology
  • A stands for Apply Math
  • C stands for Create Math
  • K stands for Kinesthetic Math

STACK  is a rotation system that may bring stability and structure to your math block, but it can also be modified to be exactly what you need.  You do not need to do math STACK  to use this timer system!  You can use this resource to create any type of rotations for math stations/centers.

Purchase Guided Math Timers

Click HERE to get the Guided Math Timers for your math block!  Guided Math Timers

How to Launch Guided Math

Speaking of updates, recently we also completely updated the Launch Guide for Guided Math.  This is a free resource full of information to help you launch math workstations.  The resource is for grades K-5, but the routines and practices aren’t grade-specific.  Click HERE for the Launch Guide, or click the picture below to read more about Guided Math.

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