Holidays Around the World

Holidays around the world, Christmas around the world

It’s time for students to travel the world and learn about different cultures, traditions, and customs- Holidays around the world!

*This has been completely redesigned and updated with new countries, fonts, graphics, as well as a DIGITAL component.  Read all about the updated version here.*

Holidays around the world, Christmas around the world

Holidays Around the World

Embark on worldly travels with a passport, travel map, and learning brochures!


(Tannenbaum has been updated)

There are 13 countries to visit- use them all or pick and choose!  Each country is a single sheet including the notes needed.  Simple to run off and teach!

Some of the best moments we have with our students can be found in the magical fun of December, however, many times all the magical fun of the season can also leave teacher curled up in fetal with red and green glitter nightmares.  We want to streamline and organize to avoid the fetal position meltdown.


The Countries

There are 15 different countries to visit.  Pick and choose or visit them all!

Mexico, Germany, Israel, Ireland, Brazil, Russia, Australia, England, France, Italy, Canada,  China, India, Africa, (continent stamp), USA and for Christmas and Kwanzaa


Students have their picture and information in the passport and then all of the country stamps can be added.  It’s pretty exciting to fill up that passport!



Travel Map

Each time you find a new country, students color it in on their travel map.  The country names will help you locate the country.  I have tried to do this in the past with a blank continent map and it was a serious struggle to get everyone to find the right spot on the map! Now it’s all labeled for you.



slide11 slide12

The Booklet

The suitcase is simply a 12 X 18 piece of construction paper with a 6 X 18 construction paper pocket.  For a more durable suitcase, a file folder is another option.  Rather than cutting out little construction paper handles, I took the handles off of a little gift bag.  I found mini paper gift bags in bulk for cheap at Walmart in the party/gift wrap section a couple weeks ago and have used them for all sorts of things!  I might need to go back and grab them all!  The handles add a little extra fun, however they are totally unnecessary!  The country brochures could also go right into a journal or composition book.




The brochures are simply colored construction paper cut in half down the middle (4.25X11) I used a variety of colors of Astrobrights papers that matched the flags of the different countries.


Have students color the title cover or run it on a fun color!


If you want to give this a try in your classroom you can click any of the pictures in this post to find this resource!  You can also click HERE to find it!


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  1. I love your holidays around the world and your gingerbread science. How can I get copies of these activities to do with my classroom.
    Thank you for your help,

  2. Hi There!

    What goes on the inside of the flap for the little detail pictures, like the poinsettia, tamales, etc? It looks like a flap with something to go on the inside of it?

  3. I would like to purchase just the Holidays Around the World right now. When I go to your store in TPT, and I put in Holidays Around the World, I can only purchase it with many other units for $89.00. Is there a way I can purchase it separately?
    Thank you!

  4. There are 54 countries in Africa. Please update to be more accurate. . Africa is not a monolith. Each country is distinct. Including Africa, a continent, when all the other locations are countries, is confusing to kids and misrepresents the many cultures and people of Africa. My daughter’s teacher used this with her class. My daughter enjoyed it very much, but I am disappointed in the treatment of Africa. We can do better.

  5. Hello;

    I love this activity, how can I get access to this wonderful holiday activity? I would love to do this with my students.