Digital Holidays Around the World


Embark on your worldly travels with a portfolio of important learning!  Holidays Around the World is now available in both printable and digital formats.

Students begin with a learning passport, boarding passes to their first country, and a world map all tucked into their Holidays Around the World suitcase.  There are 22 different countries to visit however the teacher travel agent can decide on the right amount.


Holidays Around the World

To begin, prepare student passports.  With the new digital version, this is even easier!  Add student pictures and show them clearly how to write or type in important information.


Next, students can use their boarding passes to take flight.  As an added touch, I like to show short Youtube videos about the country we are visiting.  Although not necessary, this prepares the students for important research on the celebrations we will be exploring.  Upon landing in our country of interest, we stamp our passports and find or color the country on our travel map.  With the digital version, it is easy to show, circle, and highlight on the travel map as a class.  Travel Map and Passport

Learning Brochures

A close read is prepared for each of the 21 countries on the celebration customs.  Keywords are bold and prepare students for summarizing information in the brochure.  With the digital slides, it is also simple to teach students how to highlight and make notes when needed for important information.

Holidays Around the World

There are notes prepared for the learning brochures, but you can decide whether you want students to write their own information for their brochures as well.

Holidays Around the World


Countries to Visit

Below is a list of the countries students can visit for the Holidays Around the World Unit.

To add Holidays Around the World to your teaching experience in December, click HERE or the picture below.  Holidays Around the World Printable and Digital

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