Writing Mini-Lessons

This is the part of the year when writing becomes really fun!

I wrapped up the third in my writing series Engaging Writing Activities!  It’s perfect for the second half of the year!

Just for a little more background info, I started each lesson whole group, usually on the pocket chart or on the easel with a chart tablet. Once students show understanding, we transition the lessons to the writing center for some independent extra practice.  Oh the power!

 This lesson is from volume 2 in the series

Here’s the new version with 8 new lessons/centers
It’s on sale for today! 

If you want to get all three, I bundled them for a discount.

Each unit has 8 writing lessons.  If you spend a week developing each concept, that’s 24 weeks of writing instruction ready to go!

Volume 1
Click to see all the lessons included on TpT. 


 Volume 2
Click to see all the lessons included on TpT. 


Volume 3
Click to see all the lessons included on TpT. 


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  1. I love this bundle. We just started writer's workshop this year using the Lucy Calkins unit. However, it is very time consuming reading all of those books and how to do it step by step. I love that you have this all in one! We just finished writing small moments and are now moving into informational writing. This is such a great addition to use in my centers to enhance their writing skills. Thank you so much!

  2. Seriously, your bundles of adorableness make me wish I had a classroom of my own. So creative! Just poppin' in to wish you the happiest of New Years filled with whimsy and wonder. You amaze me; thanks for living so generously.


  3. I have all three of the writing sets, and they are great! I didn't start them at the beginning of the year, but I wish I had. I love how simple they are– while at the same time covering key skills. I hope you have plans to create a nonfiction writing resource. I like to spend about three weeks at the end of first grade researching an animal of their choice. We "research", write, and then create power points. The kids really enjoy it. I'd love to see how you teach nonfiction writing. It's probably much better!