A Peek at my Week {Gif Style}

It’s THAT time friends.

Time to cut, peel, detach from, take off our pajama pants, brush our unkempt hair, and smear on the lipstick (who are we kidding) chapstick.

Back to school for the winter…

and for you teachers not in the south….
giphy (1)

Based off of facebook and instagram, the general teaching public seems to be feeling this way.

Coffee drinkers be like

But as all teachers know it is all about planning so you don’t walk into school and…

Here’s a peek at my week.  I am giving it to you objective/resource style because I am not about to create a clickable pdf on my last day.

First up, phonics.  We are still in long vowel land.  This week we are doing both long o and long u together.


Teaching these in one week after 2 weeks off of school may prove to be trying. Don’t worry, I am sure we can do it like never before.

(click any pictures to find the products)
 I keep ALL the phonics/spelling packs in this gigantic bundle.

By the way I found this you tube video on silent E and I am crazy about it.  After I showed it to my class we decided we are going to make one too.  But then I realized I can’t sing or dance.  But during the silence of work time I belted out SILENT EEEEEE and they sang “Oh how it changes everything!!!”  Gosh I miss them!
You MUST watch it.  It’s the coolest phonics video ever.  I want to be him and work at his school where apparently you can just dance through your day and shoot hoops.



I don’t have a specific resource for ya.  I go off of whatever book my group is working through.  It is our weekly focus.

Just for added fun I take out the magnifying glasses and we use them to find our important details.

While I am busy with little geniuses at my small group table.  This objective is happening.



 Resources this week

Moving on to math! I’ve already shown enough of this here...so I am not going to elaborate.






I am so pumped about science this week!



Here’s what we are using.   {Ignore the winter pajamas…you get me…I get you….no judging}

Read this post to see how we also used iPads to understand different locations in the world have different temperatures!  It was such a fun unit!




Well I really want to share how I teach writing, but my writing resource makes me dry heave when I look at it.  It’s so old!

You are not allowed to buy this.  Although the info inside is great and I do use it, I do not want you to look at it until I can update!  I am seriously going to overhaul this thing.

I am getting my writing center activities and some of my mini-lesson ideas from here

Alright…that’s it for planning folks.

When the dark cold morning comes just remember we are all in this together.

Think about how grateful the parents are….

To commiserate plan with other teachers click the button below!   Have a great week!  Seriously.


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  1. LOVE the silent e video! the Electric company was always awesome! thank you, good luck your first week, I am looking like that guy…dragging my feet…so not ready…. Paula

  2. This was a hilarious and informative post! Thanks for all the gifs! I love the Silent E video…that guy is amazing! We sing this song all the time. You should also look up "Silent E is a Ninja". It's also by The Electric Company. Hope you have a great week back!
    Rambling About Reading

  3. Loved this post! I am feeling just like one of those gifs…a little slumped over about getting back to school. All great breaks do have to come to an end though! Thanks for the fun post!

  4. We are working on the o_e and the u_e this week too!! I bought your bundle over break so I can't wait to start incorporating the practice pages into my centers. (I wish I had tomorrow to organize myself.) Loved this post. It made me laugh. Have a great week!


  5. Awesome as always! Praise be for humor as I sit here planning/prepping for work AND taking a state manidated college class for recertification purposes. #sevenweeksofhell #springneedstocomesoon
    #talkinginhashtagsitslate 🙂
    Have a happy Tuesday y'all

  6. Great post as always!! I just wanted to let you know (if you didn't already) that the reading objective has a typo. I hate when I miss things I looked at about a million times 🙂

  7. Oh i'm so late to the party, but you are just too funny- thank for the comic relief 🙂 We are beginning our weather until this week and I'm so excited to have the umbrella/weather pack prepped and ready to go!!