Story Starters for The Writing Center


Keeping students motivated at the writing center isn’t always easy.  Some students love to write and can’t wait to open their notebooks to a new page, but many students need more structure and a big serving of variety or novelty to get started!  I was noticing a decline of motivation in my writers during their writing center rotation of guided reading.  I decided to create fun, monthly story starters with the themes of each month. Each picture has a corresponding word prompt.   Because there are 32 different picture and word prompts I could choose to put them all out at once or put out around 8 a week to entice my writers.

March Story Starters


Celebrating Reading, Basketball, Windy Weather, Leprechauns, and more for March


I chose to put the picture on one side and the words on the back and hot glued a popsicle stick inside the two for a fun grab and write element.


Each month, there are 32 different picture and word prompts to put in a basket, on a ring, or on Popsicle sticks!

Find February here.

February themes, valentines, presidents, groundhogs, and dental health


The Bundle of all 10 months is now complete!  You can find it here for a discount.


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