Blog Stalker Bffs and Fraction Freebies

I got an email message on my Facebook Page from these two Austin teachers.  We began corresponding about different classroom questions, and one day and I invited them right over to our classroom.  They asked their principal, got subs, and came over!!!  It’s hard to believe Ashley and Jana were strangers when they walked in yesterday morning because now we are teacher bffs!  They even surprised me with my favorite containers and chocolate!  We enjoyed some fabulous teaching. {ahem} and some realistic teaching {couple of meltdowns and a few I don’t get its} along with a lot of laughing and classroom decor talk!  All in all a very fun day! 

We are in the midst of fractions right now so I cooked up these fraction freebies to share.  Just click the pictures to grab yourself a little chocolate goodie!

 I also updated my fraction sandwiches so if you feel so inclined grab this one too!

 In our class we have done fractions with our shoes, M&M’s, Skittles, and our names!  It has been such a fun topic of study!  To get 4 fraction activities from my store just click this picture below. 

One of my teammates made the coolest treats to help explain sedimentary rocks! She layered cereal treats and brought them in for the entire first grade!  My kids were really excited! 

 We are heading into Earth Day, Seeds Soil & Plants as well as Mother’s Day soon! 

Is it Friday yet?!

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  1. I'm jealous. I live in Austin, and I have been thinking lately it would be nice to drive over to Startsville to see your classroom. You are the first blogger I started following, and I think you are awesome. Thanks for the fraction activities….we have been working on those too. I made sugar scrub last year for mothers day too, but we made brown sugar vanilla…I think I would like the lemon so much more.

    First Grade Wolves

  2. Thank you for the fraction freebies! And your new snake unit looks great for the kids and scary for the teachers, lol. That's when you've got to tell yourself as an educator to "take one for the team" because you know the boys (and most girls) will love it!