Oh Good Graph!

Looking for a fun way to teach those graphing standards?  The interest level was “off the charts” today with these personalized graphs.

Customized graphs and charts

You can see I made this with simple paper and glue. If you want your kids to get more hands-on, a felt or magnet board allows them to fill out the graphs while you’re teaching.

I have examples of Venn diagrams, pie charts, and histograms. You can easily add more chart styles to teach expanded graphing standards.

Venn diagram of brothers and sisters

For the chart above, if your classroom has more only children, it might get cluttered. You can make this one into a chart instead of a Venn diagram.

histogram of pets

Favorite animals work really well, too! 

favorite color pie chart 

hot or cold Venn diagram 

favorite food graph

Here are even more topics to teach elementary graphing:

  • Favorite toy
  • Desserts
  • Hobbies or activities
  • Fruits
  • School subject
  • Favorite story or book

The sky’s the limit!


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  1. This is AWESOME! What a great way to teach graphing/data collection! Just sad I found it AFTER this year was over, as my kindergartners' would've LOVED it!