Measurement Lessons for Elementary Students K-5

This round-up of measurement lessons for elementary students K-5 will double your ‘measure’ and double your fun! We’ve taken care of the task of vertical alignment, hands-on engagement, and lesson planning for all measurement standards so you can focus on the joy of teaching.

For each of the resources below you will find resources linked for every elementary grade level. Simply jump to the resources below that will ‘go the distance’ for you and your learners. 

Collage of measurement lesson ideas for elementary students K-5

Note: Once you click the pictures or any links in this post, please scroll down until you find your grade level: Kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, or fifth grade. 

Measurement Lesson Plans For Elementary Students in K-5

To begin, we have 20 whole group and teacher-led small group lessons and activities for every grade level K-5. These lessons focus on bringing students to mastery through hands-on and engaging activities. 

A group of lesson plan covers on Guided Math measurement for elementary age students in K-5 titled, Measurement Lessons

Measurement Lessons For K-5

Read Alouds to Teach Measurement in K-5

Not only are we sharing a collection of measurement read aloud books below for the elementary classroom, but we also have a free download of 100+ math read alouds you can tuck into any math curriculum for every topic all year! These read-alouds pair wonderfully with measurement lessons for elementary students in K-5.

A group of book covers about measurement for elementary age students titled, Measurement Read Alouds

Hands-On Measurement Centers for K-5

Our math measurement stations for all grades K-5 align specifically to each grade level’s standards but also vertically align. With the consistent format of these activities, students can work independently and enjoy a variety of hands-on measurement tasks during math centers.

a group of resource covers for measurement math stations from kindergarten to fifth grade.

Measurement Math Stations K-5

Measurement Technology Tasks

Whether you want digital teaching content for whole group instruction or for student stations, we have Digital Guided Math for Grades K-3. K-2 Digital Guided Math is set up for one click to both SeeSaw and Google Classroom. Third Grade Digital Guided Math is one-click to Google Classroom. Extend your measurement lessons through digital activities and interactive learning.

If you would like to try a free lesson for your grade level first, we have that for you here.

More Measurement Workstations for K-5

We love student-centered activities that allow students to authentically practice their math skills throughout the school year. Research shows that spiraled-review of math skills is one of the six most highly effective math practices. We love having many ways for students to remember and practice measurement skills throughout the school year. Below are more measurement workstations for K-5

Math Journals and Numbers Notebooks

An image of a math composition book activity on standard and non-standard measurement tools.

Another student-centered activity that is wonderful for both teacher-led small groups or workstations, is measurement word problems and solving mats. These mats and word problems are available for grades K-2 only. For elementary students in K-5, word problems are important to review all year long.

Three covers for measurement word problems in grades kindergarten, first grade, and second grade

If you teach non-standard measurement and just need an all-in-one supplemental resource for measurement, you can take a look at our Teach This: Non-Standard Measurement resource.

Measurement Skill Pages for Elementary Students K-5

Many times a quick skill page is a teacher’s lifesaver for checking on mastery of skills or providing additional practice and we have you covered every ‘inch’ of the way. Our Standard Practice Line of Skill Pages provides 50 standards-aligned measurement skill pages for K-3.

Measurement Skill Pages

A group of four math resource covers named standard practice for grades kinder, first, second, and third to support measurement lessons in K-5.
Measurement Progress Monitoring and Intervention for K-2

We know students have varied learning abilities and developmental needs. When one-and-done is not enough, teachers need to be able to provide deep math understanding activities in meaningful ways. Enter: The Intervention Solution. If you would like more information and explanation on this you can find it in this blog post.

Measurement lessons for elementary students in K-5 with intervention strategies and activities.
Free Measurement Activities for Elementary Students K-5

We always like to make your day with free resources! You can grab a free measurement math station for each grade level K-5 as a thank you for joining us on the blog! We see what you are doing for your students and we appreciate you!

Measurement Free Download showing three different measurement activities for students.

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