Number Chats, Exit Tickets, and Math Supplements

number chats

Recently, I released a new series of math supplements designed to engage students in mathematical thinking.  First in the line of math supplements is number chats!

What is the purpose of a Number Chat?

Number chats can be projected, printed, or displayed under a document camera.  The purpose is to help students to look at a mathematical question stem in order to strategize on how to understand and ultimately solve.  Rather than students focusing on solving for an answer for teacher, they are focused on their own thinking and strategies.  Students are encouraged to think about the numbers in multiple ways sharing any connections or ponderings along the way.


An example of number chats





The second in the math supplements series is printable practice.

Skill Practice in Guided Math

My philosophy of math teaching is rooted in hands-on conceptual understanding.   When used as a reinforcer of a concept, skill practice can solidify conceptual understanding.   I do not believe that skill practice should be a driving force in teaching.  Before students can be expected to deliver on pencil and paper math, it is ideal for them to have experiences with the relationship of the numbers.   Once students have a good grasp on the understanding of what is happening conceptually, they can work through pictorial and abstract math skill pages.  These skill pages can serve as a great reinforcer allowing students to be exposed to different formatting.

printable practice

An example of skill practice





The third and final in the math supplements is the exit tickets.

Why exit tickets?

As lifelong learners, we reflect and self-monitor our understanding of new experiences and information.  It is a natural response to wanting to grow in new ways.   As a lesson wrap-up or reflection, there are times when we need a little check-in from each student.  I love doing oral reflections with first graders to help model correct thinking aloud, but along with those oral reflections, it is terrific to have a written response.  Taking a grade, checking for understanding, assessing for the purpose of grouping to target skills? These exit tickets are perfect for that!


Exit Ticket Example Page


Math Supplements

If you are interested in these math supplements for place value or addition and subtraction, you can click the pictures to find them!

Place value math supplements bundle


number chats place value

Place value skill practice

Place value exit tickets






Addition and subtraction Math Supplement Bundle

number chats add and subtract

 skill practice add and subtract

exit tickets add and subtract







If you are building up a library of activities on place value and addition and subtraction, check out this post on interactive games for those concepts!



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  1. I love your products and have bought a few things when I taught 1st grade. Now I teach 3rd grade and would love it this product was for 3/4th graders.

  2. Do you have something for number talks for second grade?
    You should do presentations because your work is amazing!!