Daily Math Meeting

A staple in the primary grades during the morning routine is updating the class calendar. The calendar is just the beginning of our math interactions. This post will focus on Daily Math Meeting Routines for primary grades.


The daily math meeting in the primary grades has evolved over the last 30 years of teaching.  I distinctly remember creating manilla folder boxes to hold the small straws for place value that we would count each day and bundle into tens.  We even blew up a small balloon each day in school and put it side by side around the room, beginning at the calendar wall, making each tenth day a different color. Oh, those were the good times.  Now we have so many other important things to cover in a day!

The daily math meeting has an important purpose, so we don’t want to let it go in the primary grades completely.  Calendar skills, repetitive number sense, and place value skills greatly value our budding mathematicians.  For this reason, we have created a few different ways to work through calendar or daily math skills.  Our newest creation for this is our Digital Daily Math Meeting for Calendar Skills which covers the most important concepts for primary grades in a digital format.


The skills covered in the Daily Math Meeting are as follows.

  • Good morning
  • Attendance & lunch count
  • Pledge of allegiance
  • Texas pledge
  • Blank calendar
  • Daily calendar
  • Good day (yesterday, today, tomorrow)
  • Today is (day of the week and date)
  • Days in school/Number of the day
  • Place value for the number of the day
  • Even/odd, before/after, ten less/more, number line
  • Money skills
  • Weather
  • Temperature
  • Season
  • Related facts/number bonds/Input output
  • Shape up (attributes)
  • Telling time
  • Patterns (attributes/angles/classifying)
  • Compare it/Greater than & less than
  • Word problems

In the Teacher’s Slide Guide, each slide has an explanation or instructions on what to do.  You will not have to do all the slides every day.  You can choose any that would be right for each time of the school year.


Previously, I have shared how I set this up on the wall for our classroom and what we have done with that as well.  You can find that information HERE or by clicking the picture below.

Calendar Math




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