Literacy and Math Picnic in the Classroom

 When spring fever hits, I like to bring out what I secretly call “Disneyland Centers”  I amp up the fun and keep my students engaged and excited about learning!  Students won’t dare misbehave because they won’t want to miss out on the fun!  Grab some free printable lessons in this post and have yourself a literacy picnic too!

Here’s a peek into my literacy picnic basket!  {Thank you dollar store!} I only spent $8 on a few little props and we feel like we are in the park at Summer time!

We made an anchor chart for our ketchup words

Then we took it a step further and learned a new literacy center!

This one is also on the menu…

I may have heard squeals when I introduced this one.  {Okay the squeals were mine}  I love chip clips anyway, but now the kids get to enjoy them too! It’s the simple things in life…

My boys were all over being grill king!

And what picnic is complete without some sentence skewers?

We will also be making sight word sandwiches.  I had this one already, but I had made each sandwich piece with construction paper and hand written the words.  I am thrilled to have given it a make-over!


No picnic this delicious is without ants.  Thankfully the kids were happy to have them along!

We even matched each one up with a cookie!

We decided to cool down with some compound cool aid!  So refreshing!

The kids can’t get enough of this one! That pitcher is always being emptied!

For a post on the picnic pals math centers click HERE!

For a math Picnic too check out my Picnic Pals Math Centers

Bundle of math and literacy together


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  1. I have never seen such fun literacy resources before. I can see why the kids would love them. I especially like the grill one with the spatula.