Sample Guided Math

With the overwhelming interest in Guided Math as a structure for running the math block, it is equally important to choose a resource or curriculum that aligns with the math workstation framework.  Ready-to-teach math warm-ups, mini-lessons, differentiated small groups, and hands-on workstations make running this structure highly effective.  Below we will outline how the Guided Math Resources for Kinder-5th grade can empower both students and teachers to levels together.  You can sample Guided Math for your school!  Simply email [email protected]



The guided math structure allows us a front-row seat to the learning.  We gain access to the most powerful way to impact instruction: the student’s math mind. Guided Math allows us to adapt classroom procedures, structures of learning, and delivery of content to best fit the needs of the students with whom we share the space.  Every student should feel like the expert mathematician in the room with access to all of the tools, manipulatives, and experiences that create joy and excitement for solving math problems.  Over the last few years our team of teachers, administrators, and instructional specialists, has worked to create a comprehensive scope of resources to do just that very thing. 

sample guided math

Sample Guided Math

Guided Math Sample


Guided Math doesn’t just mean reorganizing your math block; it also gives you an opportunity to approach math instruction with a renewed sense of perspective and purpose.  It’s one thing to have the mindset and philosophy of a math workstation approach, but carrying it out is where the impact occurs.  This is where Guided Math resources make all the difference.  Teachers and students are equipped with the content and delivery needed to produce their best math block ever.  In the Guided Math Resources, all four components of the guided math structure are standards-aligned, and in a ready-to-teach format. 

Guided Math Sample


More than ever before, students need individualized math instruction.  Varied levels of learners and gaps in learning all contribute to the expanse in instructional needs of today’s math classroom.  Not only can Guided Math help bridge the gap for students, but it can also ease teachers into systematically working with small groups of students as a norm in how the math block works.  We offer the support of professional development for Guided Math K-5 as well as the complete family of resources to carry out every component.



To sample Guided Math for your team or school, have your administrator email me, [email protected].  Together we can create the perfect formula for your specific needs.  If you already know and love the Guided Math line of resources, I will link the different ways here that you can find and purchase these resources immediately.  First, I can do direct invoicing and licensing through the email listed above.  Secondly, all of my resources are housed HERE in my online store. Finally, you can find just the Guided Math Bundle fully prepped in kits on Hand2Mind.

Guided Math Sample


Visit HERE on the website for professional development options that may work for your team, school, or district.  We currently offer Zoom, in-person workshops, as well as a short webinar.

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Guided Math Game Plan conference for kindergarten, first grade, and second grade teachers. Become "game day ready" with this in-depth, play-by-play guided math workshop featuring hands-on demonstrations, classroom-tested management strategies, and real-life classroom photos and videos. I focus on the classroom application of the components of Guided Math.

Large Groups or Districts

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