Teaching Time Freebies!

This week we have been discovering the clock in our room.  Our standards say to represent and tell time.  What better way to represent time than to make our own clocks in every way we can!  In small group today we worked on this concept up close and personal!

Rather than just telling the time, we are working to understand and represent clocks.
In groups, students were given the parts of a clock and had to create a model.
In our journals, students independently created their own little clock and showed analog and digital time to the hour.    

 Math tubs had a blast rolling and writing the time to the hour in digital and analog time too!

Grab all the fun you see in this post HERE

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  1. Awesome…u are .Really geneious.Your passion for teaching is visible from your work.Thanks a lot for sharing your creation.

  2. Hi Reagan!! I’ve used these fantastic freebies every year. The link is no longer working and I didn’t save one of the sheets. If you have a moment, can you take a look at it? I would be ever grateful! Thanks for sharing your brilliant brain with me and countless other teachers!

  3. Love these activities! I am having trouble accessing the file though when I click on the link. Are the printables linked somewhere else?

  4. WOW! Such great ideas to start off our time unit. Thank you for sharing. I too am having trouble accessing the freebies you are so kindly sharing. Is there another way to find them?

    Thanks, Kelsey

  5. Tried to download the clock building “freebie” and the link is not working. Went on tpt and purchased your Telling Time stations pack and it was not in there either:( Is it available? If so, where?