Morning Work Solutions!

Today is all about the morning routine!  What students do for the first five minutes of the day sets the tone for learning all day long!

As students step over the threshold of your classroom they are being hit with a swarm of internal emotions and questions.

How do I feel?
Am I interested?
Is this important?
Can I do this?

We want to set the tone for learning while also establishing our classroom behavior expectations right at the doorstep, but we also need to ease the anxiety level of our students and let them know that above all, we are glad they have arrived at school, they are cared for, and we want to help them be successful!   It’s a big deal.

Choosing a morning routine that can address the revolving door of early morning arrivals and last minute dash ins is crucial!  Having a routine that allows choice, fun, and meaningful content was a constant issue of mine over the years!  Finally I took my morning work, my calendar routine, and some elements of FUN…and created the Rise and Shine Binder.

When students arrive they work their way through a series of interactive activities all housed in one special binder in their desks.

The activities are self-paced and ever changing.  Each day of school presents a new number that students must work with to complete important yet basic math concepts.  Beyond the number of the day, we have sight words, place value, tallies, number formation, and even more.

Whether students get to one page or all of them depends on when they arrive to school.  The great part about this is that it will be waiting for them the next day so not to worry if we had a late morning!

After the write and wipe fun, I also place my daily math and daily language sets inside the rise and shine binder.  This allows for daily practice on important skills that require numerous repetitions!

Set up of the binders is time consuming, but once the binders are created, they will make the morning routine so much easier!  My binders are going on year three! To read more about rise and shine binders you can click the rise and shine label on the right hand side of the blog!

For Christmas in July all my morning work packets and my rise and shine binder are on sale for one day.  You can click the pictures to take a look!

Daily Language Bundle           Rise and Shine Binder             Daily Math Bundle

To see how we run our morning meeting click on the picture below!
See you tomorrow with a post about writing!


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  1. Hi, They are at Office Depot. You may be able to get them at Walmart or Staples. I used them for couponing. I think they are for business cards. Hope this helps!

  2. Some of my students don't do a very good job erasing their binders each day. By December or so, it's very messy with old marker. Does this ever happen in your class? Do you have any tips?

  3. Any suggestions on where to get binders? I was hoping this prime day sale would be helpful in my purchases (of course they aren't on sale!).

  4. Hi Reagan! I was thinking about this as I went to sleep last night, lol, so perfect timing! I love your setup and am trying to think through how I could make it work in my 2nd grade classroom. I know you copy a month at a time of your morning work, put it in the binder and have students work through it at their own pace. What happens at the end of the month? Do they take home all of their pages? What happens if at the end of the month a student isn't finished? Do you just leave the morning work in there until he/she finishes it? Thanks!

  5. I have been using these in my classroom for the last 2 years and LOVE them! Do you usually save all the pages and cards from the games and sight words for the next year or do you print new ones each year? Just curious how you did this! Thanks so much for this awesome resource!

  6. Just purchased and can't wait to use next year! Do you start using the binders on the first day of school? Thank you for creating and sharing such awesome resources! Happy summer! 🙂

  7. I used these in my special ed. classroom (3rd and 4th grades) last year. I love them! I put the pages in that I wanted students to complete in a poly folder, with brads and pockets. I was also able to differentiate them by including some pages for my higher functioning kids and other pages for my lower leveled kids. The trees and copy machine also thank you! Thank you so much!!

    Teaching Special Kids

  8. I love your Rise and Shine binder as well as your blog. I am always looking for great morning work ideas, my question is how well do you think it would work for kindergarten?! Or is it more for the older grades?!