Teacher Week Day One

Teacher week has been a long standing FAVORITE blogging week of mine!  I fell in love with blogging because I jumped into other teacher’s lives through their blogs.  This week is packed with not only all things teaching {of which I can never seem to get enough} but also the fun human side of teachers. 
This is my family.  We recently had pictures done for a couple of reasons.  
1.  My daughter is starting high school and I know how quickly that goes.
2.  My son is starting middle school and I know how quickly that goes.
3.  I had no pictures of the 4 of us looking halfway decent since the turn of the century.

 Here’s a more casual side of the fam…

 I began teaching in California where I taught for ten years.  Second grade, kinder, and first grade.  I did not want to be a first grade teacher when I was told that was my assignment.  Now I will be teaching my 12th year of first grade in a row. 

We moved to Texas in 2008 to be near my family.  {I grew up in Texas but moved to go to college in Los Angeles}

Our home in Texas since 2008.

Every year we take a trip to the beach during Summer.  I blinked and this happened….

This year has been incredible for me as a blogger.  I have met so many treasured new and old friends from the blogging and teaching community!  This was in January in Austin.  I presented for SDE at the First grade Texas Conference.  

 I was a nervous wreck but I LOVED it mostly because of the supportive friends in these pictures!!!

 In March of this year, more virtual blogging friends decided to come to San Antonio!  It was such a fun weekend.  I got emotional a couple times having these treasured virtual friends in my REAL LIFE town.  We shopped, ate, talked, shopped, walked, and shopped some more. 

 One of my favorite places on Earth is my classroom and my heart was full when these amazing teacher friends crashed my classroom! 

I am ready to hop on over and read more about you!  I hope you link up! 

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  1. Your family picture is great. I wish I had time to come down to Texas to meet you. Let me know if you ever visit Wisconsin.

    the very busy classroom

  2. I have just discovered blogging in the last year and your blog (along with First Grade Parade) is one of the first I began reading. Now I am hooked and I get so many great ideas from you guys – so inspirational. Unfortunately, blogging does not appear to be as big here in the little, old UK 🙁 It would also be a very long trip to meet with other blogging teachers. However, I live in hope that the blogging vibe may catch on in the UK… Thanks for sharing your inspiration and wisdom! X